Trump’s Foreign Policy

I like my studies of foreign policy and international relations….and now that we have a new president I would like to take a look at his policies in these areas…yes, it is early in his hold on the halls of power but we can get an overview of his intended policies…..I am sure there will be some minor adjustments but the meat of his policies are there……

“On The Issues” is a non-partisan group that looks at all political leaders and their stand…..this was put out before the election when Trump was just the GOP nominee….it covers just about everything that the man ever said on foreign policy and international situations…..

Source: Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

I am sure that there are those that will not bother to check his positions before jumping to his defense….and that is why we so many international problems…everyone is too partisan for rational thought.

Personally, I think his policies are very inconsistent….to me they are not much more than ramblings to appease whatever audience he is addressing….most of it was nationalistic mumbo jumbo….divisive and cruel…..

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s foreign policy positions have been anything but consistent. One day we heard that NATO was obsolete and the US needs to pursue better relations with Russia. But the next time he spoke, these sensible positions were abandoned or an opposite position was taken. Trump’s inconsistent rhetoric left us wondering exactly what kind of foreign policy he would pursue if elected.

The President’s inaugural speech was no different. On the one hand it was very encouraging when he said that under his Administration the US would “seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world,” and that he understands the “right of all nations to put their own interests first.” He sounded even better when he said that under Trump the US would “not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. We will shine for everyone to follow.” That truly would be a first step toward peace and prosperity.

Source: Trump’s Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency? by —

If there is no solid front on international situations then this country is headed into some rough territory.  (and the peasants danced)……


15 thoughts on “Trump’s Foreign Policy

  1. After eight years of a president who spoke deliberately, with obvious knowledge of what he spoke, it is confusing and frightening to realize this new one has no deep thoughts on any subjects, is easily distracted by inconsequential matters related to his personal need to be exalted, considers National Enquirer a valid news source, choses a chief of staff from Breitbart, and pisses off the world by intemperate tweets he hasn’t passed by anyone who might advise him not to post the damn things. As children in the 1950s used to be advised to do: Duck and cover! You know, that’s how you survive an atomic bomb!

    1. Plus his Breibart dude told the media to “shut up and listen”…his presser and the first question went to some unknown conserv blogger…we are in for a very rough ride…duck and cover is not bad advice….chuq

  2. What you observe is really all there is to this idiot. He has no policy, foreign or otherwise; in fact, he has only one agenda, and that is to do everything in his power to remain in the spotlight. His ego is so toweringly, absurdly huge, there IS no room for anything other than his own need to have people pay attention to him. His foreign policy positions will be exactly as noted, merely a sop to whatever audience is listening, to ensure their attention is on him. That is, simply, all he fucking cares about.

    He won’t last long; he’s already broken several Constitutional laws regarding conflict of interest, and has no intention of changing anything, as long as he continues to get away with it. Somebody with more power is going to eliminate him, and it won’t take long….

    Quite frankly, I’m already bored with him, and all of it. What a fucking circus!….with only one sad, pathetic clown….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. LOL! Just what this country needed; more work for the lawyers…. Ah, well, it may be the best way to stop him in his tracks, for he is NOT being at all cautious in his manipulations of the gray areas… He has a naturally self-destructive attitude, I think. Hard not to with such a towering ego, always ready to deny reality…


  3. His interaction with our Prime Minister looked awkward and strained. I have a feeling that his inherent dislike of women is going to cause him some problems with international relations, to say the least.
    Regards, Pete.

  4. The Trump phenomenon seems to largely stem from ignorance. Trumpers would scoff at that statement, but how much of what Trump has already done in the last few weeks show his absence of knowledge of the issues? It is surreal to realize that our nation is led, not only by a man who has no idea what he is doing, but by a movement that demeans those who spend the time to understand truth and fact.

    1. Welcome to IST….like GW was a Cheney puppet Trump is a Bannon puppet….plus they will argue that there is NO way to know what is “truth” or “fact”…we know that is BS but they go down believing….I saw a ‘toon awhile back that said…..”I believe therefore I am right” sums it up pretty much for me….I appreciate your comment and hope that you will visit as often as you can….thanx….chuq

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