Closing Thought–27Jan17

America’s longest war……

We have a new president and his cabinet is beginning to take shape…..and he, Trump, will have to deal with the US longest war…Afghanistan….

Mr. Trump has not said much on this subject…I am hoping it is not because he is unaware but rather just has not given it much thought…..

But to help him out I will let him know that there is mixed signals coming out of Afghanistan and the Taleban…..

Two days after President Donald Trump took office, the Taliban asked him to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan but hinted at a willingness to work with the United States.

The insurgent group posted a statement on its website Sunday calling on Trump to “put an end to the invasion.” But it also asked him to “help countries with their development” rather than with “bloodshed and destruction.”

Well that was about as a positive comment from the Taleban than we will ever hear….

But just a short time later……

The Taliban has warned President Donald Trump to reverse U.S. policy on Afghanistan or face a “historically shameful defeat”, a U.S.-based monitoring group reported Sunday.

An article, which the SITE Intelligence Group said appeared on the Taliban’s website and social media, described the freshly inaugurated leader of the free world as “an enigma both to the Americans and the billions of people around the world”.

Here is my thought….BRING THE TROOPS HOME!

But what will Trump do in Afghanistan?  Heed the words of the Taleban or something else?

From Ehsanullah Amiri, Jessica Donati, & Gordon Lubold, The Wall Street Journal: ““President-elect Donald J. Trump said he would certainly continue to support Afghanistan security forces and will consider a proposal for more troops after an assessment,” according to one Afghan official briefed on the call.”

We have spent enough blood and treasure in this country….time to leave them to their fate.

The weekend approaches….Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…..Be Well and Be Safe…..chuq


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Jan17

  1. As it often does, one of the final lines provided the most compellingly telling idea for me, where it said, “… time to leave them to their own fate.” My immediate thought was “Who else’s fate can they experience?”…. This is true for us all, thus we can all be considered isolated, or, we must acknowledge the common experience, and take responsibility for what is done, either TO us, or BY us. That’s karma, neh?

    As far as I can see, Trump is no different, in many ways, from any other leader of a major country, or anyone else who wishes to assume the mantle of leader of any movement, country, religion, business, or any other form of the type we humans assume to divide ourselves from each other. We humans seem ready to kill at the slightest provocation, if that involves any sort of belief system we have chosen to claim. I suppose, in most cases, this is to support the belief in their own ‘special’ place in reality; this allows them to place anyone not in that classification as ‘lesser’ or, ‘not as good’, while knowing absolutely nothing about the other person, or what their belief system entails.

    They also never think about any of this as WHY they do all they do, thus absolving them from ever either understanding the effects of what they do on others, or, how what they do is tied in, precisely, to what happens TO them….

    Ffolkes, Trump, Putin, May, Netanyahu, the Congresses, the Parliaments, the churches, the countries, the bankers, the myrmidons, they’re ALL crazy, and ignorant of their own inability to make any significant progress toward understanding anything around them, and, most importantly, their own connection to it.

    Until more there are more humans who do understand, than there are who don’t, I can’t see things getting much different in a positive sense. It’s damn near impossible to expect rational behavior when that behavior is rooted in delusion; that’s true, fate or no fate.

    It all goes back to the individual’s internal war, happening constantly in their own mind, of the choice between good and evil, & which they choose to allow in their own reality.

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. From what I have seen so far, it seems unlikely that Trump will leave well enough alone over there. Perhaps he is hoping to recruit more soldiers, to make the unemployment figures look good?
    Regards, Pete.

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