Trump And The Forgotten Continent

The continent of Africa is usually forgotten by most American admins that is until it is needed for one policy or another….

I know it is too early to tell just what the approach to Africa by the Trump boyz will be….but there has been a few articles written about what the possibilities could be…..

The President-elect of the United States has had precious little to say about U.S. policy toward Africa since his shock election victory in November 2016.

But a four-page list of questions on U.S. policy in Africa, submitted by Donald Trump’s transition team to the State Department, has indicated a possible skepticism about the country’s counter-terrorism policy in Africa, and also raises questions about the continuation of aid programs.

Source: What we’ve learned about Donald Trump’s Africa policy

Some Americans look at Africa as some sort of third world Hell hole….but some of the fastest growing economies are on the African continent….the US might profit from paying closer attention to the workings in Africa.

We will see just how the continent is approached by a new admin at the wheel of state.

His, Trump, first test may be the situation in Gambia… well as the army mutiny in Ivory Coast……war is brewing and the world will look to the US for some sort of leadership….

You are thinking “not a big deal”?

Keep in mind the US has troops stationed in the region and it is not like we are opposed to nation building…..

A situation to watch…….


6 thoughts on “Trump And The Forgotten Continent

  1. Reminds me a bit of that line in “Sahara,” when the CEO is trying to explain to the warlord that the heroes might have proof of their environmental contamination and need to stop it. The warlord replies. “This is Africa. Nobody cares about Africa.” Sad to say, it’s almost never on the American radar, unless you’re actually an aide worker or celebrity trying to bring issues to light…and then they get shot down for it, dammit.

  2. Sure, why not get involved with regime change in some African countries. We are, after all, an equal opportunity (for our oligarchs) nation. Lets do some regime change in the Congo and get access to some mighty fine coffee. Yes, I’m being sarcastic 😐

  3. Despite the official line of not caring much about what happens in Africa, it would seem that many US (and some European) companies are more than happy to exploit the cheap labour and natural resources there. Best to turn a blind eye, in that case.
    Regards, Pete.

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