Is “America First” Just Isolationism?

AS the day approaches for our new prez to take his place among our other leaders…..I would like to address a campaign slogan of Trump’s…….

This is an op-ed that I recently wrote for Ace News Room……

During his rise to glory I thought that one of is, Trump’s, slogans, “America First” sounded a lot like isolationism from you near past….. But first let me explain isolation…

Source: Is “America First” Just Isolationism? | Ace News Room


2 thoughts on “Is “America First” Just Isolationism?

  1. One of the contradictions of America is that it has adopted a stance of Isolationism when at the same time it also happy to continue to interfere in the affairs of almost every country in the world.
    You couldn’t make it up.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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