Leaving the Age of Disconnect

I have been saying for a couple of years now that we live in an age of disconnection……meaning that we are not concerned with reality but rather the disconnection that we chase…Twitter, FaceBook, et al……

We are ate up with FADS…..and to feed this disconnection we indulge in the crap of brain power…reality TV, food fads, even the pursuit of “fake” news (and that is enough said about that subject), appearance concerns and “fitness” fads….(what the Hell is a man bun?  A why?)….oh there are plenty more but it is exhausting just thinking about them…..

Our society needs to stop chasing this disconnection and start worrying about our future…..there is more on this……

It’s too easy simply to blame Donald Trump for the void that’s suddenly apparent at the center of American government — or will be on Jan. 20.  In fact, I’m utterly sick of hearing his name, let alone accounts of his latest outrage or trivial impertinence, which is the equivalent of crack cocaine in the news cycle: all Trump, all the time. It’s been that way for a year.


We kind of live with this stuff and the vague pain it causes — because we know it’s wrong and feel the wrongness deep inside us — and in the process of ignoring this pain we have devolved ever more deeply into techno-escapism. We allow ourselves to be lulled and distracted by the superficial media, which continually presents us with new enemies to blame. (The Russians! The Russians! They messed with our election!)

Source: Leaving the Age of Disconnect | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

In the coming months we shall see just how successful we can be as a people.


8 thoughts on “Leaving the Age of Disconnect

  1. You quoted “techno-escapism”, I say “filtered reality”. The resulting erosion of logic, intelligence and sanity is the same regardless of how you view it though.

  2. I remember not too long ago when it was “All Obama All The Time” (For the past Eight years without let-up! So the question that begs to be answered is, “So what?” Nothing new here … moving on…

      1. No! I will thank George Washington and all the rest since then for that … and especially I will thank the Founding fathers …. the American Industrialists ….The American Military and what was once the free press …. but never either Clinton or globalization … never! Never! Never!

  3. Man Buns are similar to those awful pony tails so popular with some men in the 1970s. A throwback to the idea of a long-haired masculinity that has been eroded by new trends toward ‘Metrosexual Man’, with his face creams, teeth-whitening, body hair removal, and cosmetic surgery.
    I would like to seen an end to both hairstyles myself. Then again, I don’t have enough hair left to make a ‘Bun’!
    Regards, Pete.

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