Will They “Agree To Disagree”?

5 days and counting before the big day that so many are looking forward to…..Trump will become president instead of president-elect.  (Let the peasants dance)

He, Trump, has been putting together his cabinet and now these people are going though Congressional scrutiny to determine if they are the right people for their designated jobs…..

If you are a supporter of the new lord high ruler then you may be aware of his positions on certain issues (somehow I doubt this but there could be a miracle in there)….but there is a slight problem brewing….some of these appointees are not holding to the line that Trump laid forth during his campaign…..

One of the themes emerging from coverage of this week’s confirmation hearings is points on which Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees have disagreed with him on major issues. Examples from the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal:

  1. Retired Gen. James Mattis, the defense chief nominee, “classified Russia as the principal threat to the US and expressed little hope that Washington would develop a substantive partnership with Moscow, as Mr. Trump has suggested.” (The Journal)
  2. Mattis also said the US must abide by the “imperfect ­arms-control agreement” with Iran that Trump has threatened to dismantle because “when America gives her word, we have to live up to it and work with our allies.” (The Post)
  1. Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s comments on climate change didn’t sync with Trump’s prior statements that it is a hoax, saying America must “maintain its seat at the table on the conversations around how to address the threats of climate change, which do require a global response.” (The Post)
  2. Retired Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly, picked to lead Homeland Security, didn’t sound enthused about Trump’s plan for a border wall with Mexico. “A physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job,” he said, adding, “it has to be really a layered defense.” (The Times)
  3. Trump has said he would bring back waterboarding, but his pick to run the CIA, Mike Pompeo, is opposed. Pompeo said he would “absolutely not” follow orders from the president to use the interrogation technique. (The Journal)
  1. Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions also called waterboarding illegal, and, when asked about Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants (one he has since modified to refer to troubled nations, not religion) said, “I have no belief, and I do not support the idea that Muslims, as a religious group, should be denied admission to the United States.” (The Times)

On Friday morning, Trump himself didn’t sound concerned about the disagreements. “All of my Cabinet [nominees] are looking good and doing a great job,” he tweeted. “I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

The last line shows maturity….(if you believe that sort of con job)………but there is a problem with it….these people serve at the leisure of the president….basically that means to put it simply….do it my way or hit the highway.

Who will win this battle?

We will see who has principles and who is a spineless toad……my guess would be the later.


12 thoughts on “Will They “Agree To Disagree”?

  1. Principles?
    Wots zat?
    ‘sides it is the puppet masters who are in control….& they ain’t got none.
    Not for me to suggest Israel is interfering in British politics again…
    Oh no…sacre bleu!

      1. well, I am a peaceful anarchist…don’t believe in governments..more trouble than they are worth 🙂

  2. I believe Trumps appointees will say what the committee needs to hear regardless of their true feelings. Since The Prez has the final say a few lies wont matter in the end as long as they can hitch their wagon to this malignancy.

  3. Trump has already said that he desires for his appointees to think for themselves so the idea that they are going to be joined with him at the political hip is just another anti-Trump talking point for the Lefties to throw around while they try to have a legitimate thought.

      1. He will do what any good president will do — he will hear all their original thinking and he will make up his own mind which of those ideas he hears sounds good and he will tweak them and make a decision based on them. That is where some of the changes in attitude that the MSM are calling his flip-flops on campaign ideas … He listened to experts and he made some tweaks to his original thinking and that is what any good president will do. He is already doing it.

      2. admiration is really good…I wish I could find that in any president in the last 50 years….I hope you will not be disappointed.

  4. He can always replace them if they don’t toe the line. A few grumbles are not going to concern him that much, and he will probably not deliver many of his promised policies anyway. That’s what generally happens here, and pretty much everywhere else too.
    Regards, Pete.

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