Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die?

Today of all days is a good day to address racism and bigotry….(more along this line in another post)…..today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr…..

Angry old white guys….my late father who died at age of 93 was a huge bigot.  He and I would argue at length whenever he opened his mouth…..and many of his “friends” that were part of the coffee clutch at a local mall were pretty much in line with his thinking….

When I saw the title of this piece I thought of my father and his constant bitching about those “people”……

Do people still believe the age-old notion that the next generation will deliver us from racism? Code Switch asked young and old(er). They rarely agreed on the answer.

Shelly Fields is a 46-year-old white woman living in Richton Park, a racially diverse Chicago suburb. She says she’s raised her four daughters, who are biracial, to see people of all races as equal, just as her parents raised her. Fields doesn’t think that racism will ever disappear completely, but she’s hopeful that it lessens with each passing generation.

“The more biracial children there are, the more equality we see,” Fields said. “The more people of color we see in positions of power – it will help to change the way people see race.”

Source: Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die? : Code Switch : NPR

This piece asked a good question….and from my observations the answer is NO…..bigotry is passed down to off-spring…..(it is learned trait not inherited)…..not all buy into the stereotyping but then again many do….especially here in the South (there is NOTHING New about today’s South…they try and hide their bigotry).

Read my post about the incident in Biloxi, Mississippi(coming soon)….believe it or not…except in Mississippi….it is the 21st century.

Old habits die really hard in the Deep South….even in the New South.


26 thoughts on “Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die?

  1. Yes, Bigotry is passed from generation to generation and that is part of how the generations protect and maintain everything they have ever worked for or believed in or loved …. Bigotry is a defense mechanism that keeps other people from moving in, taking over and virtually stealing everything that somebody has spent their entire lives earning and building. Bigotry is a protective mechanism and there isn’t a person alive today who is not one form of bigot or the other because it is in the dna.

    1. Bigotry is nothing fear amplified….you right we all have fears but some of us try to control that fear to make a better world not live in the past.

      1. The best way to instigate cleansing of sorts…there has been a wealth of history on this….1014, 1930’s to mention only a few. Turning fear into a weapon has given us many atrocities….I for one do not want more.

      2. As the size of societies grow and as their demographic changes generate socio-economic tensions and as their integral traditional social units (such as the family) become more and more decentralized and as technological advances replace brainpower and hard work the stage for atrocity is set all the more readily and in ever greater attention to detail. It is an inevitable track for burgeoning social orders at one point in their existence. Call it “Selective” something or other or whatever but it is the inevitable pattern when human creatures are involved. (Rise and Fall of Nations and States.)

  2. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    I fortunately agree, racism will not die when old bigots do kick off. There are always new bigots waiting in the wings. Like you said chuq; it is passed down and not inherited. It can be learned by prodigy of non-biased parents due to perceived circumstances. I’m sorry to say I have the tendencies too but I recognize them and fight all the time to remain neutral.

    All life is hard and none of us are perfect. We can just keep trying. ~~dru~~

  3. A large segment of the Greatest Generation was very bigoted similar to your father’s views. We definitely have gotten better over the years. The interesting thing I have found over the years is that the claim of racism and bigotry is generally from the vantage point of the present. This is MLK Day and there is absolutely no comparison between what he and his comrades experienced in his day to anything now. Yet, to hear all the African-American outcry you’d think slavery just ended yesterday. No question racism exists, but it will exist because that is partially the nature of man; man stereotypes, classifies, quantifies, segregates, just to survive. We can certainly push to reduce or limit it’s existence on a social scale but it is part of who we are as a species. We can blame part of racism on nature (and, NO, I don’t mean whites, blacks, Asians, whatever, are in some way inherently inferior as set forth my nature – that’s bunk – I am talking about typical human thought processes to separate dangers or social traits based on cognitive experiences). Police shootings against blacks involve a whole lot more socially than just saying cops-are-racist. But it’s the racist tone that gets everyone wound up.
    I refuse to accept that because I am white that somehow I am racist or have been raised in some economic system of white privilege. We can equally say, black folks, get out of your economic poor-me neighborhoods and be productive in society. Easier said than done? Of course.. but it’s possible and I see it everyday… black Americans of all economic strata getting their shit together and taking responsibility for their own lives.

    1. An excellent post..great thoughts….I agree with you about being white…I was taught that the person is the key not the race or gender or religion or any other form of stereotyping….I work for a time for the state housing authority and I have seen the racism first hand….give the person an equal opportunity and a difference will be made…but down here the opportunities are not as available as in other parts of the country….thanx for a very insightful comment…have a good day….chuq

  4. Left-Wing thinking is, for some people, a luxury of youth. My own father started as a Socialist in the 1930s, even volunteering to go to the Spanish Civil War. (He was turned down, as too young.)
    By the time he had been in the Army, seen out WW2, and returned to a boring job in an austere post-war Britain, he had become embittered, and was soon blaming everything wrong in life on ‘foreigners’. He died fairly young, (69) still feeling that he had been cheated out of everything he had fought for.
    I have never been in a war. I was a Communist in the 1970s, a Union organiser until 1991, and remain on the extreme Left of politics, although I am no longer active. I have seen many of the changes he predicted, the main one being the much higher birthrate of Muslim families. If it carries on at the same rate, the UK might well be a Muslim country within 200 years, or less. I will be long-dead, so it is of little concern to me.
    Despite that, I was raised in a multi-cultural environment in London, and worked and socialised with people from many different backgrounds. I have managed to retain a fairly balanced outlook, and continued with the same politics too.
    My father’s generation would never have understood this, so it was probably just as well (for him) that he didn’t live to see it.
    In the US, this is all relatively new, since the end of segregation in the 1960s, and the influx of central and south american immigrants. Your country is going to need a lot longer to adapt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Appears you and I have similar life experiences…my grandfather wen to Spain was there for a year….I too was a socialist and a labor organizer for the IWW until 1995..I was raised in the South but my mother would not allow racist crap in her home…I am pleased to meet a fellow traveler….chuq

  5. I’ve also seen people who were previously liberal and tolerant become more bigoted as they age. Something seems to happen to the brain when we get older. Some of us can avoid it, but not all… So I can’t help but think that there will always be an older, more conservative generation around.

  6. The pattern of creating fear of those not like the pretend majority is universal and not an American invention. Those who believe in peace and freedom need to always call out the pattern for what it is false and killing, while focusing on promoting peace and freedom

  7. We all need to speak out on what is going on in the world around us. Such a great post! Thank you. Visit http://www.voicesfromthebayou.com to purchase a book with narratives written by my writers club in regards to racism, police brutality, equality etc. Its an intimate, important piece of work. We all have a voice. Join the movement #voicesfromthebayou

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