The Importance of Diplomacy

It is no secret to anyone that stops by IST that I am antiwar and have been since the 1970’s…..

I believe that armed conflict should be the last resort after all other paths have been explored….

I believe the US has fought enough wars and spent way too much cash in supplying the goods for war…..I would hope that we could find a new president that thinks diplomacy is a better way to solve international problems…..

Well that wish will not be found this time around for we elected a person that sole joy in life is the accumulation of wealth….and what better way to acquire those profits than….WAR?

A progressive foreign policy must entail sustained efforts by the US government and NGOs to advance the human good in every way possible. This would include helping to negotiate and enforce treaties to eliminate weapons of mass destruction; working to end conflicts and rebuild war-torn societies; promoting sustainable development at the grassroots level; and providing emergency humanitarian assistance to societies ravaged by disease, ecological disaster, or state collapse. And while there is much that Americans can do to advance these objectives, they should do so, whenever possible, under the auspices of the United Nations and other multilateral organizations. Given the historical record, many nations have good reason to be wary of unilateral US efforts, even those dubbed “humanitarian.”

Source: The Importance of Diplomacy in a World of Multiple Power Centers | The Nation


10 thoughts on “The Importance of Diplomacy

  1. Diplomacy is sly…ask Kerry….not one for diplomacy these days…
    unvarnished truth is better…otherwise we might fall into the well of empathy. 😉
    yes,chuq one of those days…
    I am all for truth even if it is unpalatable.
    Still Craig Murray (diplomat) got booted out for telling the truth…Respect!

  2. N.G.O’s ??
    What Like the White Helmets?
    would not trust them as far I would throw em…
    Plenty of info here…
    Day 73 – Where is Eric Bravermnan? Who Killed Monoca Petersen? via @YouTube
    73 days worth…

  3. The problem these days is that most have the attention of a flea…
    so much for common core/common purpose!

  4. I have a number of quote about diplomacy, but, this one, I think, is most apropos for today….

    “Diplomats are just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it … You take diplomacy out of war, and the thing would fall flat in a week.” — Will Rogers

    As long as people continue to identify with a country, or a religion, or a group of any kind, conflict will continue. Sadly, as Lady Penelope notes, about 98% of humanity is not capable of giving up their delusions, so, the chances for any rational changes are next to nil….

    gigoid, the dubious

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