Echoes: The French Revolution

Since so many will be dashing out to partake in the ritual of “Black Friday” today will be a mish mash of posts since readership will be down…..

AS always…I like history….so why not start the days of wine and candles before the Christmas break with a little history….a little education is my gift to you….

Why not start with that other revolution….the one in France?

Shadows of Revolution concerns itself not with predicting the future but with clarifying the past and the understanding the present.

David Bell opens one section of his new collection of essays by quoting from the diaries of the great nineteenth-century French historian Jules Michelet: “It is you that I beg for help, O my noble country,” Michelet wrote, hoping that France would be able to replace the importance that “extinguished Christianity” once held in modern life.

It would be difficult to find a more appropriate summary of the global transformations ushered in by the Enlightenment and the French Revolution than this: a Romantic-era French intellectual recognizing the power of nationalism to replace religion as the social force that inspires mass human behavior.

Source: Echoes: The French Revolution | World Affairs Journal

Now do you feel smarter?  you are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Echoes: The French Revolution

  1. An interesting article, if mired in what I’d call a firm belief in ‘labelism’….which could accurately be called the root problem behind both nationalism and religion. I find it significant to find this sentence: “the power of nationalism to replace religion as the social force that inspires mass human behavior.”

    It is significant, to my mind, because of two things: first, mass human behavior is less ‘inspired’ than it is ‘manipulated’ by deception. Second, both religion, and nationalism, are illusions, of reality defined by human prejudice, rather than observable phenomena, or natural laws. Both allow humans to be controlled, not inspired…

    Which is a long way to say, “politics is still poopadoodle”, & as long as we humans place any faith in it at all, it will do nothing more than prevent us from ever reaching our potential as human beings, free of control by others….

    gigoid, the dubious

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