The Terror of the Status Quo

Let start by saying that I have found some amazing thoughts and insights recently in the American Conservative….an unlikely source for me because I guess I am one of those “apologists” (an off-handed insult by those on the Right for people that will not agree with them) just 20 years ago I would had scoffed at anything coming from a conservative source….but these days of stupidity it is a joy to see that there are still some that can think for themselves on the Right.

We are bombarded by terrorists that commit those atrocities in cities across the globe….the problem is when analyzed by the media and some bloggers they try to look beyond the recent attack to a larger reason….the problem is that these attacks come mostly from a handful of “lone wolf” attackers (more on this subject at a later day) …..few look at the person….they are disgruntled, discouraged and wothless citizens that seem to want some sort of recognition.

Once upon a time the big threat to civilization was al-Qaeda. But today it is ISIS, alternatively known as the Islamic State, ISIL, or Daesh. Transcending their existence as actual physical entities, the names or acronyms have become metaphors for terrorist attacks, striking fear in the hearts of the people and enabling the political class in Europe and the United States to grow government in response. At the Republican National Convention, presidential candidate Donald Trump vowed to destroy ISIS—and the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton will probably follow suit. But can it be done? Or, more to the point, how does one go about doing it? How will Trump and Clinton keep their promises to keep Americans safe from Islamic radicals?

What we call terrorism is a tactic used by groups that are essentially political. You can find it in Tacitus, read about it in the accounts of 19th-century anarchists, and consider how it evolved in modern times, starting with the European leftist groups in the 1970s and then migrating to the Middle East. Today terrorism and Islamic radicalism are closely linked, but it is important to remember that it was not always so. What we refer to as terror enables a weaker party to demoralize and even threaten the stability of a nominally much stronger ruling authority.

Source: The Terror of the Status Quo | The American Conservative

What the American people do not know about terrorism would fill volumes….but instead they prefer to champion lame one-line solutions….which most times is not a solution at all but rather a program to strengthen the terrorist resolve.

One thought on “The Terror of the Status Quo

  1. The calm rationality of this most erudite post is probably the reason no one has commented. Applying labels to groups only serves those who employ them, which is why such plain talk produces silence…

    “What the American people do not know about terrorism would fill volumes….”


    gigoid, the dubious

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