The Art Of Blogging: Respect

The weekend begins and this past week has been one of those weeks that makes one talk to themselves(which is not all bad because my grandfather once told me “when you talk to yourself you talk to a better class of people’)……I am helping a friend with his class on terrorism and the convention have been a source of amusement….today I will post on a subject that is near and dear to me….blogging.

I have been doing the blog thing for 10 years this December and I am by NO means an expert……I do offer from time to time the insights that I have found in that time.

A Blog is like all social media….people can be as anonymous as they want and because of that they do not have to look the person in the eye when communicating so they can be as dis-respectful as they like.  Which is sad.

These are the people that enjoy using such devices to insult another person as bleeding heart, apologist, politically correct, etc……in other words these people find others to be below average intelligence basically because they will not agree with the other.

Personally I try to be respectful that is until I cannot take the insulting innuendoes anymore.  I mean I visit many blogs that I do not share their twisted view of the world events but I do try to understand why they think the way they do….that is a very tiring exercise.

My problem is that I cannot understand when someone refuses to acknowledge their limited knowledge and continue to spout the puke-fest of the day.

I can understand people being afraid of the future but to the point of making crap up to make their case is just wrong…..and it is disrespect.

The sad part is that the internet is full of information and yet most people will only search for stuff that makes their case…..they seem to be afraid to look for contrary articles that might crap on their premises….and that will prevent any lasting solutions can be found without both sides of the equation.

I am not some goodie two shoes…I have gotten down and dirty with a few people but I try to keep it respectful…..that is until that last nerve snaps and then my failing comes through….most times I regret what I say but I feel it has to be said.

Blogging for me is enjoyable….I have met some real great people and I have also run across some of the most closed minded people ever…..but all in all the whole experience is very enjoyable…..

Live long And Blog!

Now please go out and enjoy your weekend…..


20 thoughts on “The Art Of Blogging: Respect

  1. Bravo!
    [your grandfather and I pretty much agree – I used to always say that I talk to myself because it is one way to have an intelligent conversation.]

  2. i understand your experience. The difference with me is that I refuse to get into peeing matches with skunks. My experience has been profound because some of the folks who disagree with me threaten to defame me unless I delete my blog. One even tried that with DMCA take down notices.

    Here’s hoping that you also enjoy your weekend.

  3. I enjoyed this post quite a lot. You have pointed out very truthful facts. Blogging should be fun. I find it totally educational … to me. I try to respect all points of view, I ask questions with respect too … I refuse to engage w/ those who go on tirades. TY for sharing these thoughts. Peace … Hugs!!

  4. It is sad. That about sums it up. People think we turn into ether as we tap or touch our keyboards. To me, entering someone’s blog is akin to entering personal space or home. Most people would be respectful doing that. The writer of a blog I follow put her comments on moderation bc of a troll. I offered to peck troll’s eyes. From what I’ve seen in your demeanor, someone would have to push you pretty far for you to lose your sht.

    1. I use to have the moderation thing…but it was a pain for me so I let anyone comment and if they cannot behave it gets deleted….chuq

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