Anti-war Is Pro-American

Yes Irene I am an unapologetic anti-war supporter… days in the service of my country in Vietnam has taught me the folly of war.  It is an obscenity that needs to be experienced to understand.

But these days to be so is not as popular as one would think……these days we see “bad guys” behind every international incident…..and some seem to think that if you oppose war that you are some sort of traitor to the country.

Even the “god child” of the conservatives, Thomas Jefferson, was not a big supporter of war….

Thomas Jefferson declared the American way of interacting with the world to be “peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.” However, over the course of at least the past seven decades, the US government has turned this admonition on its head. Peace? The US government has waged wars of […]

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You see people anti-war is pro-American no matter what the supreme nationalists want you to believe……

I bring this up right now because the US is poking Russia in the eye….yet again…..and I am afraid in these days that it could escalate beyond the rhetoric of the original Cold War…..

If the United States ever ends up stumbling into a major conventional or nuclear war with Russia, the culprit will likely be two military boondoggles that refused to die when their primary mission ended with the demise of the Soviet Union: NATO and the U.S. anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program.

The “military-industrial complex” that reaps hundreds of billions of dollars annually from support of those programs got a major boost this week when NATO established its first major missile defense site at an air base in Romania, with plans to build a second installation in Poland by 2018.

Source: Escalations in a New Cold War – Consortiumnews

Contrary to the words of Jefferson the US….is neither searching for peace or commerce (other than making the toads in the M-IC wealthier than they are now) or avoiding international entanglements….

And then there is the Russian reaction to the new NATO missile shield…..

Source: Official Russian Campaign Against NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defense System In Europe – Part II

Sorry but all this sounds like the beginning of the original Cold War……

With the problems in the Middle East….and now this… can it all end?

With my last breath I will still say that there are better ways to solve problems and situations than going to war.

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