How America enables its allies’ bad behavior

While I was lecturing I was always having an exchange with this history professor or that…..basically it was always about the US allowing its allies to do extreme things and stand by them when it is proven to be a horrific act….

The worst violators are Israel and Saudi Arabia and the list will grow now that we have the beginnings of a new Cold War…..

Thankfully I have not had that debate in a couple of years and then I read a pretty good article in Vox……

It is satisfying and certainly trendy to complain about America’s allies. President Barack Obama unloaded on them recently in an interview with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, calling them “free riders” who rely on the US for security but refuse to pay back. The commentariat has piled on, with a special focus on deteriorating relations with such perennial malcontents as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.

The truth is that our allies behave the way they do because we let them. We provide billions of dollars in military and other aid to countries in order to protect and advance US interests, yet we fail to use this leverage to induce the recipients of this aid to behave in a way that actually advances US interests.

Source: How America enables its allies’ bad behavior – Vox

All in the name of profit……they do not care how or where the weapons are used….only that once used they need to be replaced….and that means more profits….a vicious cycle…that benefits NO one but the M-IC.

9 thoughts on “How America enables its allies’ bad behavior

  1. I’m confining myself to one-line comments, so, reference Mama Gump, to wit: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. LOL! Actually, it was a pretty stupid movie, all in all. But, that line will live forever….

        g, td

      2. Especially for those who’d been there, and those of us who lost friends, sometimes even when they came back…

        Nothing at all of value in war, of any kind, for any purpose. None.


  2. Allies bad behaviour?

    Look who’s talking!

    USA “protected” some of her allies to get better of it like the countries that have oil. Israël was supported out of a sence of guilt and mixing Judaism with the state Israël.
    Politicians in any country are good or bad. The same for the state Israël.

    Other nations became allies after WWII. The USA influence was enormous.
    In fact many nations were in great need and the Marshallplan was a very positive factor, this is very true, but lets be honoust, it was also to keep the USSR abay. Therefore all the American bases in the world.
    Paternalisticly the USA influencei the world.

    Come on how many atrocities, breaking treaties on torture, human rights, death-penalty, blackmailing countries in to do what the US wants

    And after all that have the audacity to call it the greatest country in the world. The nr. 1

    1. I agree…..we spend way too much time worrying about others business while the country circles the toilet….chuq

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