So Ended Another “Tuesday”

Another round of delegate selection is done……and we are moving closer to the conventions and the rhetoric has become a blistering pace…..

Let’s start with the Dems for yesterday….who won what and who got what……

Hillary Clinton kept her delegate lead in the Democratic race intact Tuesday night with a big win in Arizona despite losing heavily to Bernie Sanders in two other states. With around 70% of votes in Arizona counted, she has 60% to 37% for Bernie Sanders, reports the Washington Post, which notes that there were long lines, delays, and voting glitches in parts of the state. The state’s 75 delegates are awarded proportionately. Sanders, meanwhile, is the projected winner of the Utah caucuses with a whopping 75% of the vote, which will give him most of the state’s 33 delegates, reports the Hill. He won by an an even bigger margin in the Idaho caucuses, with 78% of the vote giving him 17 delegates, leaving Hillary Clinton with six from the state.

“When we began this campaign, we were considered a fringe candidacy,” Sanders told supporters in California, per Politico. “Well, 10 months later we have now won 10 primaries and caucuses and unless I’m very mistaken, we’re gonna win a couple more tonight.”

Now how did the Repubs do last night?

Donald Trump inched closer to the GOP nomination with a massive victory in Arizona Tuesday night. With more than 80% of results in, he has 47% of the vote to 23% for Ted Cruz and 10% for John Kasich, according to Politico. Marco Rubio was still on the ballot and has 14.6% of the vote, leaving Kasich in fourth place in a three-man race. The state is winner-take-all, and its 58 delegates give Trump a total of 739, with 1,237 needed to win the nomination. But a long battle lies ahead: With most precincts in Utah reporting, Ted Cruz is the projected winner with 70% of the vote, well over the 50% needed to take all 40 delegates, the Washington Post reports. Kasich is second with around 17% and Trump is third with 14%.

This voting thing is getting boring… drama other than the stuff generated during the stump speeches….

I now return you to the sanity of daily life….

9 thoughts on “So Ended Another “Tuesday”

  1. Thank you for ending it, but, didn’t you misspell the word “insanity” there in that last line?

    Just wondering…. I can’t honestly apply the word to my life the way it’s written….



      1. LOL! I hear that! I often despair of typo inaccuracy AFTER reading what I’ve written…

        Now, that’s ironic… “I will not bet on the accuracy…” Could be said of this entire election, and the process of government…


  2. Democrats: Wow, did Bernie ever put a serious beat-down on Hillary in Idaho & Utah last night! (78% + 79 %) I think those are the two biggest winning margins of the entire Primary Season! Ben Carson almost got as many Idaho votes as Hillary did….and he dropped out 4 days before the vote! THAT’S how bad it was for her.

    If not for Super-Delegates, this would actually have been be a real race!


    1) It just keeps getting clearer that Cruz can only beat Trump in a Conspiracy Convention. But if you’re going to conspire against the top vote-getter in the Primaries, why not pick somebody who can win….or at least somebody you don’t all despise? I hear Hubert Humphrey is available.

    2) I’d have to break out the calculator to be sure, but Jeb! has gotten more votes since dropping out of the race….than he did while in the race!!! He got 4,076 in Arizona last night. (and Ben Carson got 14,321!) Hey, maybe Jeb should re-enter! He’s still got lots of money and he’d make a great candidate at the Conspiracy Convention!

    Jeb! 2016: Keep Hope Alive

      1. Maybe, but Trump himself is a form of protest vote. Jeb! could have actually gone from the “presumed establishment front-runner” to “establishment protest comeback-candidate”. The Republican Establishment is now just a 3rd place “protest vote” in its own party. Fucking hilarious!

        But it sure goes to show how stupid Jeb! (and most established candidates) was for dropping out when he could still get THAT many votes over a month after dropping out! In retrospect, it wasn’t Trump who hurt Jeb! so much, it was Little Marco. In retrospect, Marco was doing nothing more than collecting Anti-Trump & Anti-Cruz votes that Jeb! could have gotten. Bush stays in, exposes Little Marco for the adorable little Talking Point robot he was, drives him out earlier and he probably wins Florida. If he did that, he & K-Suck 100% guarantee a Brokered Convention, which he’d likely win. Other than Trump…who would actually complain if a Conspiracy Convention anointed Jeb! instead of Cruz. Cruz and his mommy! That’s about it.

        And Rand Paul should really be kicking himself. While he didn’t have Jeb’s! money, he was a clear 5th in Iowa. Even though it was a field of 20 and he dropped out after 1 vote, he’s still 7th in Delegates! He had good name recognition. He was a hybrid of both establishment and outsider. Teabaggers liked him and nobody hates him HALF as much as Cruz. His libertarian policies may not win, but they have a decent, loyal, following nationally that would have kept giving him Delegates in Proportional States. Unlike Little Marco, he could have won his own state (He got 872 votes there over a month after dropping out) And he could undercut Cruz in Papa Paul’s Texas.

        And now that it’s looking like a Brokered/Delegated convention, Rand Paul could have used the trick Papa Paul did to steal Delegates…the one everybody’s now talking about. Rand probably wouldn’t have walked away with the nomination, but he would have at least finished in a tie with K-suck. He could have been a Kingmaker and (if the Republicans won) could have made up for leaving his Senate seat with a good Cabinet post.

        But no. Instead of “thinking outside the box” Jeb! & Paul both decided to be just a another “looosa” in Trump’s Republican Massacre.

      2. I should write more??? Shit, most people think I should write far less. (Myself included.)

        But as I’ve said elsewhere (more times to count & in too many words to bother to read), everyone has become so caught up on the pre-game hyperbole (the “2016 in 2015”) that they completely lose touch with reality. They forget the facts & the stats. They forget history. They forget the options available to them. All they can think about is Iowa & New Hampshire. They put all their eggs in those 2 baskets, even though they’re statistically meaningless. Even just one bad result there and they give up because their trapped by the conventional thinking.

        I’ve come to realize that most people are now trapped, not in the past, but in the present. They think the way things are now are the way they’ve always been. Stupid phones are great example. They aren’t even 20 years old, but even people who were fully grown adults before they existed can’t seem to remember how they communicated before them…even though the previous system is still fully operational (ie rotary phones still work)

        Similarly, the Primary System we have today is really only 40 years old (& only used 10 times!) Yet, even people who were around before then have forgotten how things worked. They’re trapped in the limited consensus thinking where:

        – everything is front-loaded. Whoever dominates Iowa & New Hampshire is almost certainly “inevitable”.
        – conventions are supposed to be “infomercials”, not places where nominees and party platforms are chosen.

        But that’s just not true. All the old rules are still pretty much there. Favourite Son Strategies can still work. Delegated Conventions can still work. The value of both are as strong as ever, if only people can shake their heads out of the present and introduce their pea-brains to the valuable lessons of the past.

        Otherwise, shit like “President Trump” can happen.

      3. we can thank the McGovern campaign in 1972…they turned Iowa into the MUST win contest and the media fell in love with the idea and the rest ios a sloppy history.

        Shit…you write more than I do….makes my comment section a huge success….and I thank you….chuq

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