How Did Iceland Recover So Quickly?

The crash of 2008 was horrible and debilitating for so many people and so many countries….but the country that came out of the bankers created recession was Iceland………the question is how did they, Iceland,  accomplish what so many countries could not?

The answer is a simple one.

Gee, I wish the US had thought of that!

7 thoughts on “How Did Iceland Recover So Quickly?

    1. It just occurred to me, this country has, literally, turned into the Simpsons, with most of the voters displaying the exact same degree of ignorance and gullibility as the dreaded Homer….

      Doh!…. (slaps forehead….)




  1. For some reason, the answer (link?) isn’t showing up on my screen. Therefore, I’ll have to guess…

    They nationalized the Bjork industry. That’s how!

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