The Poisoning of Flint

Think back a couple of years ago and the term “Austerity” was all the rage…..trying to cope with an economic disaster these countries of the EU were making cuts and dropping many social programs…..all in the name of austerity…..

Those programs got me to thinking about Michigan and more importantly the city of Flint and their water supply problem……

I had tried to find a got explanation to why this had happened and I think I found a pretty good article that will help people understand what the situation is and how it was a problem that could have been avoided…..

In early 2015, shortly after his victory in a heated reelection contest, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) began exploring a run for president. With his business experience and electoral success in a blue state, Snyder was considered a viable potential candidate, so he embarked on a national speaking tour and set up a fundraising organization. Its name: “Making Government Accountable.”

Source: The Poisoning of Flint | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

5 thoughts on “The Poisoning of Flint

  1. This is shocking to say the least. And yes it is part of a much bigger problem: Neglecting the infrastructure on so many levels for decades. The people may and can expect, it is even a human right, to have drinking water of high quality. Coming through waterpipes that are replaced after a certain amount of time. It really stuns me every time I read things like this.
    The common denominator not to invest, for whatever reason, in keeping up a certain standard of infrastructure. This is in the end cheaper than now where the US faces on so many levels of infrastructure very high investments. From a Dutch view you wat to sit in front row as cheap as possible with no regard for quality investment longterm. That is when in New Orleans and New York major flooding occurs after a major storm we were shocked to see how little these major cities were protected and how difficult it was to get things done. To many organisations not working together, even against each other.

    1. Everybody wants to protect their little sphere of influence….it plagues all parts of our government… is silly and destructive at the same time….chuq

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