With A Broad Brush Of Patriotism

I tire of these mental midgets that paint their idiotic fear and bigotry with the brush of patriotism…….they turn their extreme hatred into something it is not…..Patriotism.

There are too many that use the term to mask their hatred and their ignorance…….these types of people are COWARDS!  You read that correctly…..COWARDS!

The most recent moron to play the patriotism card is some mindless douche in Florida (and that is putting it nicely)………..

The owner of a gun store in Florida who declared his shop to be a “Muslim-free zone” is now the target of a lawsuit. The Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a federal lawsuit calling the policy at Florida Gun Supply discriminatory, reports Reuters. The move comes after owner Andrew Hallinan, 28, posted a video to Facebook announcing his new policy in the wake of the Chattanooga rampage. “I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community,” Hallinan says in the video, as quoted by NBC Miami. “So effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone. I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

But the chief executive of CAIR calls it blatant “Islamophobia” that must be challenged. “Unfortunately, he caved in to a lot of the anti-Muslim pressure and anti-Muslim base that he’s pandering to,” Hassan Shibly tells USA Today. “When he refused to reconsider his position, when he refused to reconsider to be educated, refused to engage this community, refused to respect American law, we had no choice but to bring forward this lawsuit.” Meanwhile, Chris Martin, a US military veteran who converted to Islam, has traveled to Inverness, Florida, from California so he can try to enroll in a training course at the shop to challenge the ban, reports WFTS-TV. Federal agents are reportedly keeping a close eye on the situation.

This a/holes is taking advantage of a situation to try and increase sells by using hatred and bigotry as a marketing tool……and for that reason he is a COWARD!

This dickhead is one of those that fights against gun control and believes that all Americans have the right to buy guns and yet he wants to stop Americans from doing so……..he is either an idiot or……..(thinking)………no that about covers it.

6 thoughts on “With A Broad Brush Of Patriotism

  1. I think it was GB Shaw, or GK Chesterton, who noted his opinion that, in his experience, he had found patriotism to be the last refuge of a scoundrel….

    I have to agree; 99% of those who call themselves patriots have no idea what the word means….


    1. Forgot to mention, as far as I’m concerned, any sort of nationalism, at all, is a form of ignorance and fear manifesting in Reality; it’s dangerous, and nothing any person of honor would have anything to do with….


      1. Thanks… Naturally, as soon as I posted it, I found the perfect pearl to illustrate…

        “Individuality is of far more account than nationality.” — Schopenhauer


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