Keystone: No Longer Naive

By now I would expect the Right to be having a stroke at the announcement that there will be a delay in the Keystone issue…..but I guess they still have not gotten the rancher thing out of their system…..but for those that are not sure of what I speak……

The White House was supposed to wrap up its review of the proposed Keystone oil pipeline in another two weeks. But in a surprise move today, the administration announced that the review would be extended indefinitely—and probably until after the November elections, reports the Wall Street Journal. The White House says the delay is necessary only because of a legal challenge still playing out in Nebraska, reports AP. But reaction to the move is pretty clear-cut: Supporters of the pipeline are angry and environmentalists are happy.

It’s “good news on Good Friday for those who oppose Keystone as not being in our nation’s best interest,” green activist Tom Steyer tells Politico. But that sentiment was countered by critics from both parties: “This decision is irresponsible, unnecessary and unacceptable,” said Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, while Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska called it a “stunning act of political cowardice.” The pipeline would carry oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, but the legal fight in Nebraska—home of the Ogallala Aquifer—means its exact route is still unclear, reports the New York Times. The state Supreme Court isn’t expected to rule on the case until the fall, and more legal wrangling would surely follow.

Of course the usual culprits had lots to say and of course the one about cheaper gas ha risen again…….I have been fighting that piece of crap since 2008….(check comments for a list of posts that I have for this issue)…….at first I thought people were just misinformed….then I thought they were naive…..and then I thought they were deluding themselves ……and now I believe they are just stupid!

Oil is sold on the spot market…….prices are rigged……the only way that we could ever have cheap gas is by doing something that most do not want…….here I will use the “N” word………oil traveling in the pipeline does not belong to the US it belongs to whoever drilled it………

Cheaper gas?  Do you think that Exxon or BP or Shell is ever gonna lower gas prices?

Please stop using the lame and tired old slogan of drill baby drill…..NOTHING will change….gas will go up and down according to the people that fix the prices…… are doing nothing but making the American people more stupid…….please stop!


5 thoughts on “Keystone: No Longer Naive

  1. Not to mention too that a lot of the oil reserves we are discovering are deeper or in areas like the Arctic that make it difficult to get to. This increases the price of gas, not lowers it.

    Stupid seems appropriate

    1. Thanx for the links…….gas prices will only reduce when the profit margin is dead…..since that will not happen then the prices will remain high no matter where the oil is found or drilled or ……..

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