A 2nd Look At The 2nd?

Ah the weekend and I can post on something besides the craziness that is our politics…….

We have been beat about the head and shoulders with the 2nd amendment and the pros and cons…….personally, I think that for gun ownership there should be a firearms course or military experience before it is sold to a person….but as you know anybody with cash can buy a gun, either legally or otherwise……that can be scary when considering the consequences of ignoring safety ….and then there is Iowa…..many different questionable issues have been discussed and some even have passed to become law……but of all their foolishness this one is the craziest……

Not being able to see what you’re shooting at is no barrier to obtaining a gun license in Iowa, the Des Moines Register finds. Gun permit changes that took effect in 2011 allow even people completely without vision to carry guns in public, and while disability rights groups argue that banning blind people from obtaining weapons permits would violate the Americans With Disabilities Act, some law enforcement officials in the state fear for public safety. “If you see nothing but a blurry mass in front of you, then I would say you probably shouldn’t be shooting something,” one sheriff says. Some states require people to provide “proof of vision”—or pass a target-shooting test—before they can obtain gun permits, although Texas passed a law in 2007 to help legally blind people hunt, CNN reports. The superintendent of the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School says some people classed as legally blind could safely handle gun, though he’s not sure if it’s a good idea to try. “Although people who are blind can participate fully in nearly all life’s experiences, there are some things, like the operation of a weapon, that may very well be an exception,” he says

Yes you may own a gun and shoot it even if you are blind!  Does anyone else see a problem in the making here?


2 thoughts on “A 2nd Look At The 2nd?

  1. “I think that for gun ownership there should be a firearms course or military experience before it is sold to a person.”

    Better yet, let’s have a course in high school that is mandatory. It would accomplish two purposes. Familiarize young kids with guns and very importantly, familiarize them with proper safety practices.

    Maybe if kids had a chance to handle and shoot real guns – in a safe and supervised environment – then the draw of “forbidden candy” wouldn’t be a draw on a kid with _NO_ knowledge of firearms.

    We used to have shooting teams in schools (.22 rifle target shooting usual). We need to abolish the Gun Free School Zone Act and put guns back in our schools where they belong, in the hands of kids in properly supervised classes, and in the hands of law abiding citizens to protect kids from crazy psychopaths.

    But I do agree with you that blind people with guns might be a bit much, but that is probably more the result of politically correct laws in regards to the handicapped than anything else.


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