So You Wanna Get Laid?

It is Sunday and a day I try to lighten up the posts a bit and now is a good time…..

The news on the political front is a bit sleepy…..why?….the players are on another break from work….a break from work?….when have our politicians EVER done a full weeks work?  But they need a break to chill and rejuvenate themselves…..

Since the news is so boring….I had to find something humorous to post and if things are the same then this post will be hit by many many readers (an amazement to me)….but here goes…

If you’re looking to get laid by a wider range of paramours, maybe you should trade in your Android for an iPhone. A new study shows that female iPhone users have an average of 12 sexual partners by age 30, and male iPhone users 10 partners, compared with six for male and female Android users and about eight for Blackberry users, FastCompany reports.
The company that did the survey calls it “statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting f**cked by Apple.” “Perhaps they meant to say AT&T,” Fast Company quips. The study also looked into another aspect of the rewards of shelling out for pricey gadgets, finding that pictures taken by more expensive cameras make their subjects look more attractive. Most attractive are pics taken by the Panasonic Micro; least attractive are Motorola camera phone snaps.

Read more:

So…there is my answer……I need to buy more Apple products…..

So run down and get one of those phones and your love life should improve measurably…..ROFLMAO!

4 thoughts on “So You Wanna Get Laid?

  1. …or, just maybe, people who use iPhones are less serious and spend much more of their time thinking about little else other than getting f*cked (by other people rather than Apple, that is)?

    Just thinking laterally… or to put it another way showing once again that statistics can prove anything you damn well please – 😆

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