The Problem With Conservatives

As I have stated many times, I have been playing the political game for 40+ years and have seen and heard much.  I have always tried to be respectfully of others opinions, but recently that becomes harder and harder as the political hatred goes deeper.  As long as a person truly believes their political position is important but nowadays it is not based on fact just simple hatred of the other side.  This is why there is very little civil debate going on in politics anymore.

I guess that one would say that I am a liberal or possibly a Progressive…I let others pick the title for they will anyway.  I think that conservatism has a very important place at the political table, but in recent decades that position becomes very clouded for me….why?….because it is racked with contradictions.

Let me explain my thoughts.

First, a strong national defense–this one I do not have a problem with….but when it takes money that is needed for American citizens …I will bitch.  And IMO fighting useless wars is not national defense but rather a form of expansionism.  But there are “good” wars, if any war can be good.

Second, a small limited national government….a grand idea but…….but they champion intrusions into personal liberties like abortion, same sex marriage, marijuana, etc.  In other words they try to legislate morality and that is a big intrusion.  Conservs want the individual to be responsible, but does not want them to have a choice in the own lives.

Third, conservs dislike deficit spending, always wanting a balanced budget buy continually push for increases in spending for the military and unnecessary wars.

Fourth, conservs detest people who they say are parasites on the society for taking welfare, yet champion those who scam and speculate….these people do not create anything but risk and crashes in the markets.

Fifth, conservs stand on the Constitution to the point of wanting everyone to take oaths to support it, yet they detest the strict adherence of the Bill of Rights, they say such a thing only weakens our national security.

These are only a few of the things that I find contradictory within the conservative movement….I have written that there needs to be a liberal wing of the GOP (read more in my page, “Liberal Republican”) the party would then be more balanced.  But since the early 90’s the party was hijacked by the extreme Right and in doing so they are destroying the party slowly but surely.

The GOP has no political philosophy other than tax cuts, a throw back from Laffer and Reagan….saying NO is not a philosophy and throwing vague concepts around is NOT a plan.  There seems to be NO discipline  and with none there is NO leadership.  Without leadership there will be NO party.


Why Not Use Patriotism To Help The Economy?

Politicians have used patriotism for everything from going to war to selling stupid little magnets…..maybe they should try it to sell the recovery of the economy…….China is!

China’s securities watchdog has resorted to investors’ patriotism to help stabilise volatile markets, urging firms not to let diving stocks tarnish the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party‘s rule.Brokerages and fund managers have been told their “top duty” was to protect social stability by helping the market keep an even keel, a memo distributed by the Shanghai branch of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said.

“A stable and safe capital market is related to vital interests of investors, stability of the economy and financial market and the overall situation of social harmony and stability,” it said in the memo seen by AFP and dated Thursday. National Day takes place on October 1.

The notice was issued after the benchmark index slumped 6.74 percent on Monday, the biggest single fall in 14 months as concerns mount over slowing lending growth and a new share supply glut.

Analysts have said policy decisions, rather than economic fundamentals or company balance sheets, are often the main drivers in the nation’s stock markets.

If  it works for China will the politicians try and repackage a Communist policy to fit the capitalism of the US?  Interesting question huh?