The ‘Skin Has It

Still not much happening in the town that lies built, Washington, the hot air will not be back until Tuesday and all the crap starts all over again….joy joy……once again to break the monotony it will be a Sexy Sunday.

I read this article in a past issue of the NYT’s Week in Review:

Convinced that masturbation led to insanity, and that it was the sensitive, responsive foreskin that stimulated masturbation, surgeons started promoting therapeutic circumcision to cure young men of the “sin” of excessive indulgence and prevent its corollary, “masturbatory insanity,” a catchall phrase for various psychiatric and physical disorders that perplexed physicians.

Now, in the 21st century, the foreskin has been exonerated as far as masturbation and mental illness go. But public health experts are making a pretty strong scientific case that cells in the foreskin act as a magnet for H.I.V. and, as such, may increase a man’s risk of acquiring the virus from an infected woman if he is uncircumcised.

American health officials said last week that they have been mulling over whether they should offer circumcision as a voluntary option for infants and even adult men who are at risk for HIV. Though they have yet to issue any formal recommendations, controversy is already brewing.

On one side are public health experts who argue the benefits of what they call an inexpensive and relatively risk-free operation, and say they have the backing of the World Health Organization. On the other side are critics with deep moral and fundamental objections to operating on a baby’s healthy genitals for any reason before the child is old enough to understand or give his consent; they say the harm is irreversible.



Was That A Sex Partner?

Over the years of chasing that great piece of sex, I have heard many definitions ojust what constitutes a “sex partner”.  But the best definbitions are thosae written by Rebecca Ammon for Daily Losaf:

Oral sex only: Some swingers have rules, like soft swap only.  This means I only have oral sex with the other man then have actual sex with my husband. For me, oral sex doesn’t count as sex.

He has a limp dick: I’ve met a handful of limp dicks in my life.  The limp dick’s owner may have plenty of ambition, but unless his penis is hard enough to enter and stay inside me after several thrusts, this doesn’t count as sex.

I can’t remember it: Drinking and sex don’t equal a good time if this good time can’t be recalled. I’ve been out many times, drinking my share of Cosmopolitains, only to wake up wondering what happened. If I can’t remember his or her name, they don’t count as sex partners.

No one completely undressed: After a slow night at a swinger’s party, Soccer Dad and I enticed a young couple back to our room.  They pulled down their pants, then ours, and we proceeded to fuck without exchanging words. Because no one spoke and our clothes didn’t actually come off, these didn’t count as sex partners.

He was a 10 second Tom: If a master of jack rabbit sex puts it in and takes it out to cum before the first “O” leaves my mouth, this doesn’t count as a sex partner.

I didn’t enjoy it: I’ve been with a few men who where just plain lousy at sex. This happens for several reasons: he didn’t turn me on, his dick was nearly undetectable, he had lame moves, or his performance was so awkward that I wished I stayed home to watch Survivor reruns.  This doesn’t count as a sex partner.

There you are….read and weep……