When You Elect A Socialist!

Stock Market Rocket


10 thoughts on “When You Elect A Socialist!

  1. And when that rocket blows up we will have the emergancy the socialists want so they can convince 51% of voters to allow them to take over the means of production… to “protect” the serfs (aka: middle class).

    1. Please tell me that you do not think Obama is a socialist. If the economy blows up you can thank the greed of Wall Street…..it is not a socialist plot…..but yes, they could benefit from the greed…

      1. I believe that President Obama would prefer a socialist government, but I think it is more likely that the majority of the Democat party is socialists (Maxine Waters is too easy a target to point towards).

        You have to admit that there is a CLEAR agenda in government (both parties are involved) in getting Americans to the point that they will tolerate socialism. This president is just another in a long line of politicians that think government is the answer to every question and that will lead to socialism.

      2. FL, we could debate this for years….Obama is NO socialists he is a capitalist all the way…..to me the use of socialism is an easy out…..if we look at the writings of numerous political philosophers the task of a government/state is for the good of its citizens….now we can debate what the term “good” means…but I think we both would pull our hair out…..

  2. I like you lobotero, you sound rational and intelligent. So I am going to pose a question, an honest question, and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Do you think that our government has evolved closer to socialism than a free market capitalist economy?

    To clarify that question a bit, what I am asking is if you feel the laws and regulations of America have allowed the government to act more like a socialist government and in the process dilute the capitalist economy we started with.

    1. FL, to answer your question simply…….NO. Why? the best answer is …..means of production…..the state does not own it and as a basic tenet for socialism…..we are not there…the truth is that we have not had a free market economy for a long while, but it is not because of the state but rather the capitalist themselves…..does that help? If not let me know and I will try to clarify…….

    2. We are really close to agreeing completely. I lean more towards yes (I know, big surprise) and this is because I see the use of government regulations as a way of the government controlling the means of production without doing it openly. Yes, large corporatists use the government to increase their power and control of the market place, but it is with the power of government tha they can get that control over the market place. If the government did not have as much regulatory control of the market, the corporatists would not have the power they do.

      I would also say that capitalists are not the problem, corporatists are the problem. The difference is that a capitalist does not mind competition. On the other hand, the corporatists is comfortable with using government to eliminate competition.

      Thank you for your honest answer and I now know why I respect your opinion. It is refreashing to find someone on the left that is willing to rationally discuss a topic and I look forward to more discussions on your blog.

      1. FL, thanx and I feel the same way…..nice to find someone on the Right that will actually discuss without reverting to slogans of the day….I also look forward to more discussion and debate……

        I used the term “capitalist” as a generalization…..but you are right…..corporatist are the biggest drag…..to me, regulations are more to make it a more competitive sector……free markets are replaced with the greed of the corporations…and the stock market is the tool they need….

        Watch for my post coming next week about domestic oil……will be interesting to see your opinion….

  3. This stock market is no big acomplishment to brag over. The crash was created by government forcing mortgage lenders to lower standards or be labled as discriminatory and lose accreditation as banks. Clinton lobbied congress to repeal the Depression Era law prohibiting banks from crossing over into the stock market. This was old fashioned, was repealed, and why did we have a crash? Banks sold garbage mortgages as bonds on wall street to let the suckers lose their money. Obama can also take credit for the sun rising in the East, but it’s just as silly. He has not passed a budget in 5 years, so how can he know what he has done to our economy?

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