All Those School Shootings

There has been a rash…no that is the best word….and epidemic of shootings in our schools with massive deaths and injuries and all ask what the hell has happened?

Today is the anniversary of the horrible Uvalde school massacre….

Why is this happening with such frequency?

That question has an answer….but few will heed or even care as long as daddy gets to strut around wearing his pistol….

This is a study that tries to answer some of the questions (an interesting read but sadly it will go unread) ….

High school students who experience violence or bullying at school are more likely to bring weapons like a gun, knife, or club to school than those who have not experienced violence, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Because weapons increase the potential for injury and death when there is interpersonal conflict, developing a better understanding of the relationship between exposure to violence and weapon carrying is essential for developing effective public health interventions.

“With 93 school shootings in the US just the 2020-21 period alone, and an average school shooter age of 19.7 years (in since 1970), the issue of school violence couldn’t be more pressing. The occurrence of violence in is an urgent and complex public health problem,” explained lead investigator Richard Lowry, MD, MS, Office of the Director, National Center for Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA, U.S..

“Our research examined the link between exposure to violence and weapon carrying. We found students who experienced violence at school were much more likely to carry weapons than those who had not experienced violence,” he noted.

Data on 28,442 participants from the CDC’s National Youth Risk Behavior Surveys from 2017 and 2019 were analyzed to calculate sex-stratified, adjusted prevalence ratios, which were also adjusted for race/ethnicity, grade, , current substance use, suicidal thoughts, and history of concussion. The research is novel because it used recent data available, has results for males and females, and is adjusted for important demographic factors.

Overall, 3.3% of US carried a weapon at school. Among all students, 6.6% were threatened or injured with a weapon at school, 19.3% were bullied at school, 8.3% were in a physical fight at school, and 7.7% were absent from school due to safety concerns.

Nearly half of males (48.8%) who experienced all of these forms of violence, and nearly a third of females (31.4%) who did, carried at school. Males and females were respectively 3.5 and 3.9 times more likely to carry a weapon if they had been threatened or injured with a weapon at school, and 3.4 and 3.7 times more likely following a physical fight at school. Males who felt unsafe were twice as likely to miss school, while females were three times more likely than those who didn’t report feeling unsafe.

Did this answer any of your questions about schooling shootings?

Another post on the mass shootings will be forthcoming….watch for it.

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14 thoughts on “All Those School Shootings

  1. They could publish reports like this one every day of the week, but the shootings will just continue. We have some issues with knife crime in our schools, and if those kids here could obtain guns easily, I am sure we would have some shootings too.
    It is the availability of guns that is the problem, pure and simple. Stop selling the guns, and that will reduce the problem eventually.
    As for Uvalde, those cowardly cops who refused to try to stop the shooter should have all been fired, then charged with neglect of duty as well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There is also another major ingredient in all those stats that often goes unreported. Given I work at a county Children and Family Services facility (known to the rest of the world as Children Protective Services.. or CPS).. there is also a parental/family influence in all this as well. Also, ask any teacher standing in front of a class of 30 kids in a classroom… there is always a percentage that have substandard parenting and/or family abusive lives… some get reported and end up in places where I work, most do not. It’s a perfect example of the old adage.. just because you can procreate does not mean you should. These kids become young adults regardless of how they were raised.
    Consider this.. every screaming parent at some school board meeting, every screaming parent at a town hall meeting, every far Right thinking parent, every far Left thinking parent.. every sign carrying parent, every Type A parent… is at home acting the same way with their kids present, domineering and authoritarian, if not overtly sexually abusive (let’s keep in mind one does not need to be Right or Left in politics, or Type A, to be sexually abusive toward their kids). All cases of “kids gone nuts” is NOT just because of vegetating on social networking, violent computer games, dad leaving the family AR-15 laying around in the open, or toying with Fentanyl. It’s certainly NOT a singular problem of bad or incompetent police response. Parents have a distinctive role in all this. Trust me.. an awful lot of “parents” are totally incapable of parenting… and go undetected.

    1. I do not your opinion…..children are spoiled these days….most do not know the word NO…..people find all sorts of excuses….but there is only one solution and no one is brave enough to step forward. chuq

    2. Trouble is, it is too often the parents who have the guns, and want their kids to follow in their footsteps as gun-nuts. Then they scream outrage when their kids get shot.
      Of course they do, because it was never going to happen to them. Was it?
      Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Oh for sure, Pete. It follows this Wild West mindset that somehow the father passing on his firearm “knowledge” (opinions, actually) to his son is something akin to passing on the country estate to the oldest son… or some rite of passage to manhood nonsense.

  3. My pre-teen kids were staying with their grandparents (my in-laws) for a weekend. Living with the in-laws was my pre-teen nephew and his mother. I found out from my kids when they got home that nephew Tim pulled out grandpa’s Depression era 22 rifle from some closet to show them what he “found” one day. Needless to say I was furious enough to make a family stink about it all (partially get-back to the mother-n-law for being a prima donna). At the time I owned a few guns so I immediately got them all out from their hiding places, gathered the kids around, and had them do the touchy-feely of what real guns feel like and how they operate in the event they were ever under a similar situation thinking they were play-toys.
    Fast forward to when they were of age in high school. I was an avid weekly trap shooter in those days, belonging to a gun club. The kids wanted to try it out so all three had a couple trap shooting sessions on the formal range. It was a perfect time for gun safety training.
    About that time we visited friends in Phoenix.. and buddy there had a AR15 and a couple pistols. We went out to the desert and plinked away.. and all three of the kids loved firing the AR15 given the low recoil and rapid fire. This was the mid 90’s.
    I never promoted their using firearms; it served to satisfied their curiosity and target shoot a bit. Certainly no political indoctrination.
    They are now all into their 40’s and have their own lives.. and not one of them owns a firearm to this day.

    1. I did much the same with my the time she was 10 she knew that every gun was dangerous and knew t0o check to be sure they were not loaded and how to make them safe. chuq

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