Closing Thought–21Feb22

Insurrection Update

A judge has ruled in the conspiracy case on the actions of 06 January….

Former President Trump’s speech at a rally just before rioters attacked the US Capitol sounded like “a call for collective action,” a federal judge said Friday in dealing the former president a significant loss in court. The comments were included in US District Judge Amit Mehta’s ruling declining to block lawsuits accusing Trump of conspiring with extremist groups to prevent the transfer of power to President Biden on the day the electoral vote results were to be certified in Congress. Mehta said the evidence suggests Trump knew the crowd he’d invited to the White House rally on Jan. 6, 2021, included violent people when he told it to march on the Capitol, Politico reports.

This is one of those silly rulings….but the legal process must be upheld….even for the slugs from the failed coup….

I will continue to watch and post….I do not want the society at large to forget the treason these slugs committed on 06 January….

Have a lovely President’s Day

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