Trump On The Wire

More real news for this Saturday.

The latest episode of Trump Reality Show has him being invaded by the FBI in his golf course palace……the reasons for the raid have been debated in the social media sites…..that does not matter….what matters is what the FBI found in the raid….

A list compiled by the FBI shows agents took 11 sets of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago after searching former President Donald Trump’s home Monday, including some labeled top secret and sensitive. About 20 boxes were removed, reports the Wall Street Journal, whose reporters have seen the three-page list. Among the items logged were photo binders, Roger Stone’s grant of clemency, and information about the “President of France.” The warrant signed by a judge was included with the list, showing that agents wanted to search the estate’s “45 Office” and all storage rooms where boxes of documents could be kept, in any of the buildings on the property.

Trump’s lawyers say he declassified documents while he was still in office, though federal regulations require that a process be followed. “The Biden administration is in obvious damage control after their botched raid where they seized the president’s picture books, a ‘hand written note,’ and declassified documents,” said Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich. Some files were marked “Various classified/TS/SCI documents,” which indicates top-secret/sensitive compartmented information. Such documents usually are to be reviewed in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility by personnel with special clearance.

The FBI documents indicate the agency is looking into whether Trump violated the Espionage Act, a review by Politico shows. Other potential charges involve removal or destruction of records and obstruction of an investigation, the warrant says, which are punishable by fines and prison terms. The Justice Department’s original intent was to secure the documents after Trump failed to turn them over, per the Journal. The agency shifted to a criminal investigation when investigators grew concerned that Trump aides were being evasive about the files.

If the accusations are true then Trump needs to be arrested and thrown under the jail…..I mean leaving top secret docs lying around some stodgy golf course is a reach of the secrets act….time to make this dullard pay for his arrogance and stupidity.

Just a thought

I will return your weekend of worthless news back next Saturday….sorry for the interruption.

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14 thoughts on “Trump On The Wire

  1. I do not know their sources, but the BBC News did a detailed report on this. They stated that ‘At least’ 96 pages were marked ‘Top Secret’, and dealing with nuclear weapons capability, storage, and retaliation options if attacked. They also stated that ‘No president had need to remove those documents’, and implied that Trump had done so for his own ‘nefarious’ reasons. If they do not arrest him for this, then he will be re-elected in 2024, undoubtedly. The man seems to be fireproof. He must know the skeletons in the closets.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I am not going to make any accusations here but it does enter my mind that keeping such documents under personal control might not be such a good idea when there is a know vast black market that would allow a person to enhance their finances if temptation was hard enough and will power was weak enough and an opportunity presented itself.

  3. The question yet to be asked is “Why did he need those documents??” Was he planning to sell them in yet another of his asinine fund-raisers? Give them to his handlers in Moscow??

  4. His loyal supplicants will deny all – but he is a traitor caught with the most sensitive nuclear documents and a love for the Russians – he is a modern Benedict Arnold – it’s all documented

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