A ‘Useless Entity’

“Useless Entity”?

And we are just now noticing how useless they are?

That is what many are saying about the chaos in the House of Representatives as they try to find a leader, a Speaker…..but I have been saying that for decades.

I believe that there has been 11 votes and so far no leader.

What some critics would argue is the usual state of affairs is currently the official reality in the House of Representatives: With no speaker chosen, the chamber is a “useless entity,” unable to swear in its members, let alone conduct other business including passing laws or forming committees, the New York Times reports. As things stand, the House doesn’t even have representatives, only representatives-elect. “If there’s a real emergency, we couldn’t respond,” says Democratic Rep. (or Rep.-elect) Jerrold Nadler, per the Times. “Either the Republicans don’t understand that, or they do understand that and they don’t care. I don’t know which is worse, but it is a profound danger to the country as long as it lasts.”

The speakerless House is a situation unprecedented in living memory—the last time a speaker wasn’t elected on the first ballot was in 1923. In that year, it took three days to elect a speaker. Thursday will be the third day of voting for a speaker in the 118th Congress, and some analysts predict the deadlock among Republicans will continue for a fourth day and beyond. The AP reports that the lack of a speaker and uncertainty about the rules added to the “surreal, looser-than usual atmosphere on the House floor” on Wednesday, when members were seen taking photos, which is normally banned. Clerk Cheryl Johnson has been the one holding the gavel, and Republican lawmaker Chip Roy called her “Madam speaker” Wednesday before correcting himself.

“I think more people need to be aware of the institutional damage that’s going on here,” a House procedural expert speaking on condition of anonymity tells the Washington Post. “If one of those branches is so hamstringed, so paralyzed, as it is right now, do you really have the three equal branches of government that our Constitution has set out?” The representatives-elect say they’re confused about many issues, including whether they’re going to get paid if the stalemate drags on. The Post reports that when Greg Pence, brother of the former vice president, was asked who was in charge Wednesday, he pointed to the ceiling and said “God.

The House has been a clown show for decades so to say it is now useless is just silly….it has been that way for many decades.

The one thing I can say is that at least our much needed programs are safe….at least for now.

Any thoughts on our House performance…then now and in the future?

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9 thoughts on “A ‘Useless Entity’

  1. As long as the crazy element holds seats in the House of Representatives, there will be no such animal as a representative government. If this shit continues until it presents itself as a national security issue, the president should declare a national security crisis and use his FEMA powers to run the government until the idiots can sort themselves out.

  2. People use to think that when our political leaders and wealthy donors hammered out decision out of sight from the public in smoke-filled rooms that was a bad thing. Now keeping decisions out of the public eye is a good thing? I suppose that explains the huge tax and spending bills that Congress passes during the holiday in the dark of night before anyone can read them. Ignorance is bliss, not transparency.

  3. Congress, as a whole, has been utterly useless for decades in my book. They act on their own. Do any of them even know what their constituents want?

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    “Useless? … “That is what many are saying about the chaos in the House of Representatives as they try to find a leader, a Speaker … but I have been saying that for decades.” … I’m just realizing it!!

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