We Have A Winner!

I preempt my posting schedule for this breaking news…..

First let me apologize my usual post on useless news will be tomorrow….but this info was too important to pass up.

After days of chaos, of accusations, of games the House has settled on a Speaker person….it will be McCarthy….

It was 15th time lucky for Rep. Kevin McCarthy—the Republican was elected speaker of the House at around 12:30am Saturday after the longest speakership election since 1859. He received a standing ovation after getting 216 votes in the 15th round of voting. The victory followed extraordinary scenes of chaos on the House floor. After McCarthy failed to win the House speakership on a 14th ballot late Friday, tensions boiled over. McCarth had appeared poised to win but Rep. Matt Gaetz, the last holdout to vote, voted “present,” leaving McCarthy one vote short of a majority. McCarthy strode to the back of the chamber to confront Gaetz, who was sitting with Lauren Boebert and other holdouts. Fingers were pointed, words exchanged and violence apparently just averted, the AP reports.

At one point, Republican Mike Rogers of Alabama started to charge toward Gaetz before Richard Hudson physically pulled him back. “Stay civil!” someone shouted. There was a vote to adjourn—but Republicans led by McCarthy started changing their votes to stay in session, and the 15th round of voting began as the clock neared midnight. Before the 14th vote, McCarthy had flipped 15 conservative holdouts to become supporters, including the chairman of the chamber’s Freedom Caucus, leaving him just a few shy of seizing the gavel for the new Congress.

The day’s stunning turn of events came after McCarthy agreed to many of the detractors’ demands—including the reinstatement of a longstanding House rule that would allow any single member to call a vote to oust him from office. Sources tell the New York Times that after the 14th round, Gaetz and at least one other holdout changed their votes after a call from Donald Trump. McCarthy will be a weakened speaker, having given away some powers and constantly under the threat of being booted by his detractors, the AP notes. But he could also be emboldened as a survivor of one of the more brutal fights for the gavel in US history. This story has been updated with McCarthy’s victory.

Trump still throws his powers around to the mental midgets that will lick his boots every time.

After 15 votes how did McCarthy win approval?

After 11 failed attempts with near-identical results, Rep. Kevin McCarthy will be hoping for something different when the House reconvenes Friday to continue what is now the longest-running speakership election since before the Civil War. Some 20 hardline conservatives have consistently voted against McCarthy, but some opponents said late Thursday that talks with the McCarthy camp are moving forward, the Hill reports. “It’s changes that we wanted,” and the proposals are “on paper, which is a good thing,” said holdout Rep. Ralph Norman. McCarthy can only afford to lose four votes, and a few of his fiercest critics, including Reps. Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz, were not present at negotiations in the chief whip’s office Thursday.

According to the Post’s sources, “phase one” of the McCarthy team’s plan involves getting at least a few holdouts to vote for him—and if that succeeds, “phase two” will involve putting pressure on the remaining holdouts until there are only four left. After the House adjourned Thursday night, McCarthy denied that concessions including allowing a snap vote for removal weakened the power of the speakership, the New York Times reports. “The entire conference is going to have to learn how to work together,” he said. “So it’s better that we go through this process right now.” The AP reports that after the tenth and eleventh rounds of voting Thursday surpassed the nine ballots from 1923, the last time a speaker wasn’t chosen on the first ballot, McCarthy joked, “Apparently, I like to make history.”

Was it McCarty’s plan or was it toeing the line for Donald the Orange?

Will Gaetz do as promised and resign if a GOP moderate is elected Speaker?

(I think not)

Now with a new Speaker the GOP can get to work trying to destroy all social safety nets.

If you voted for any of these ‘people’ then you should be pleased…..if not you should be afraid.

Let the political comedy begin.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. Showcasing the worst of what we have become…literally 20 people who were supportive of overthrowing our government to illegally give the presidency to someone who lost the election….

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    After the 15th time … bucle up, butter cup!! … “Now with a new Speaker the GOP can get to work trying to destroy all social safety nets. If you voted for any of these ‘people’ then you should be pleased … if not you should be afraid. Let the political comedy begin.”

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