New Leadership Is Coming

I would like to apologize for the delay in my replies for I have been dealing with WiFi problems….I finally had to replace my modem and that was a chore…..but all seems to be working properly… fingers crossed.

The big news of the day yesterday…..

In 2023 we will have a new House and new leadership….the big news is Pelosi will step down as the leader of the House Dems…..

Nancy Pelosi won’t be House speaker next year, but she’s not retiring from Congress, either. In a speech Thursday to the House, Pelosi told her fellow lawmakers that she would continue to represent her San Francisco constituents but would not seek re-election to a leadership position in the Democratic party, per NPR. Instead, the 82-year-old is expected to remain in what the New York Times describes as “sort of an emeritus role.” Meaning, she will act as a “backbencher” providing guidance to the next generation of party leaders, per Puck.

The AP reported that Pelosi went home with two versions of her speech for review Wednesday night, with one option being full retirement. Pelosi was first elected to the House in 1987 and became the first female House speaker in 2007. She was in the role until 2011, and returned to it in 2019 when the Democrats took back the House. She vowed in 2018 that she would only serve four more years in the role, reports the Washington Post, and CNN adds that she said earlier in November that the October attack on her husband would factor in to her decision-making. Whether Pelosi just set off a domino effect in House Democratic leadership ahead of internal party elections next month remains to be seen.

Her leadership team, with Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Democratic Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, has long moved as a triumvirate. Hoyer and Clyburn are also making decisions about their futures; like Pelosi, they are in their 80s. The AP notes that a second younger trio exists in the House: that of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, and Rep. Pete Aguilar of California. NBC News reports Jeffries, who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, “is being urged to pursue the leadership role and has met with rank-and-file members” and agrees the three “have been widely seen to be part of a trio who could embody a new era of leadership.”

Personally I say ‘about damn time’….Dems have not passed anything but corporate favored bills in a very long time.

Is this a bright future for the Dems?

Personal thought….not likely.

Now the question is ….who will step up to lead the House Dems?

Other top Democrats announced Thursday that they’ll follow Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of top House leadership while remaining members of Congress. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Democratic Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina said immediately after Pelosi’s announcement that they too will step aside, the Hill reports. Their decisions clear the way for New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who now chairs the House Democratic Caucus, to run for minority leader for the next Congress, which will be the top party job once Republicans take control of the House. Hoyer has been in Congress for more than 40 years and has held the No. 2 House position in his party since 2003.

“Now is the time for a new generation of leaders,” Hoyer, 83, said in endorsing Jeffries, whom he called “a skilled and capable leader,” per the Washington Post. Hoyer said he’ll return to the Appropriations Committee, where he served early in his career, to concentrate on education, health care, and increasing US manufacturing. Though he won’t stay on in a top post, Clyburn said he’d remain as assistant minority leader, the fourth-highest position. Like Hoyer, he backed Jeffries, 52, while adding endorsements of the two members planning to seek the two spots immediately below speaker: Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark and California Rep. Pete Aguilar. House Democrats plan to vote on the positions on Nov. 30, per the Wall Street Journal.

Dems need to be forward looking… far the best they can do is spin their wheels….it will be interesting to see who the Dems pick to lead them into 2 years of total chaos….

My guess is that nothing will change…..possibly the rhetoric but not the action.

Any thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “New Leadership Is Coming

  1. I’m glad Pelosi is stepping down, but like you, I don’t expect much. She’s going to ‘mentor’ her successor into being her clone, IMO. But like after every election, we hope and dream it will change things.

  2. I like the dems because even with spinning their wheels they have still been a defensive wall against some of the more terrifying prospects of what we could be suffering right now under total republican rule.

      1. There can’t be much progress when the whole damned government is gridlocked all the damned time and at this point, the gridlock can be attributed primarily to the Republicans whose only reason for living is to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and to strip democrats of all the power they can strip from them. They are neither capable or interested in actually governing anything yet and they will not be until they can manage to establish their rock solid fascist state with some mad man in control …and after they do that, their attentions will be solely focused on ruling with an iron hand in the image of those third world authoritarians that they love so much. Until they can achieve their ultimate aims they are going to be nothing but obstructionists. Nothing good, progressive or helpful to the common man or woman is ever going to come from their useless asses. The only people they are interested in helping are their own kind and their willing allies. In their warped minds, there is no other living being in our country but themselves. And if they do acknowledge the existence of other “People,” then those other people (Mostly democrats) are now nothing but hard core communists in their way of thinking. They have said as much, Trump has said as much and I think they believe it with all their dark hearts, mindless minds and soul-less souls. In the past few years their kind has gravitated from an opposition party to a demonic entity. Their whole program is to kill, to steal and to destroy anything or anyone who might entertain notions of democracy, human rights and fair play. They were once a noble political party. Today they are a growing malignancy just as dangerous or more so than Hitler’s acolytes ever hoped to be.

      2. Not much progress can be made when lobbyists own the government. I cannot agree with the Communist analogy….they have some left leanings but hard-core is not in their wheelhouse…they do not have the spine for it. chuq

  3. It seems like the usual case of faces change, but nothing changes.
    (Unless you are rich, then you get richer.)
    We are becoming used to that here, with three Prime Ministers in the same year.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I know….I want change but that is impossible with these two parties that are beholden to rich donors and care little for the ‘common man’…..chuq

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