Doing The Christian Thing.

I feel that anyone that tries to help their fellow man deserves all the credit…..but it appears that in Arizona it is against the law to feed the homeless.

n elderly Arizona woman is the first person to be arrested under a city ordinance after she shared food with people in need in a public park—and the first now to sue her hometown over that ordinance, per the AP. Norma Thornton, a 78-year-old retired restaurant owner, was arrested back in March in Bullhead City for passing out free food she’d prepared at home to individuals (some of them homeless) in the city’s Community Park, something she’d done regularly for at least four years, per her complaint filed Tuesday. Thornton had noticed after moving to Bullhead City that the park was “several miles away from the nearest shelter or food pantry,” and so she thought her expertise and home cooking could help those who needed sustenance, according to her suit.

Problems arose, however, because Thornton was technically breaching the city’s May 2021 ordinance against sharing food in public parks, which requires a $30 permit, proof of insurance, and a $250 refundable deposit within five days of food distribution. Even then, those who obtain such a permit can only hand out food once a month for two hours. The city says the rule is meant to “protect public health, safety, and welfare” and to “accommodate competing interests and uses for park space.” Mayor Tom Brady notes the ordinance applies only to public parks, and that churches, clubs, and private property are fair game without a permit.

The Institute of Justice, which is representing Thornton, has posted video of her arrest on March 8, in which the arresting officer even seems reluctant to haul her down to the police station. “I think this is a PR nightmare, but OK,” he’s heard telling his superior, per NBC. Thornton was issued a citation and could have seen up to four months behind bars and a fine of up to $750. She wouldn’t accept a plea deal, though, and the charges were eventually dropped. That didn’t stop her from wanting to sue.

Bless her good heart for not accepting a plea deal.

Arizona that bastion on conservatism….this tells me that these so-called Christians care nothing for their fellow man….they are such hypocrites that have a firm grip on the penis in one hand and a Bible in the other….and that is their policies reflect.

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Where Do Those Weapons Go?

I have been in opposition to all the taxpayer money thrown at Ukraine…..both cash and aid….the US has just authorized the 24th weapons transfer for the embattled country.

I have also been asking the question just what does the US hope to get from all our investment?

Let’s make it easy….does the weapons transfer actually go where they are suppose to go?

Like all our conflict involvement things are not proceeding in a good fashion….

Finland’s national law enforcement agency, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), has warned that weapons being shipped to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of criminal gangs.

The Finnish broadcaster YLE reported Sunday that a preliminary investigation conducted by the NBI found that criminals in Finland may have captured military arms sent to Ukraine.

“We’ve seen signs of these weapons already finding their way to Finland,” Christer Ahlgren, the NBI’s detective superintendent, told YLE. Ahlgren said that weapons shipped to Ukraine have also been found in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Ahlgren didn’t specify what type of weapons criminals were getting hold of, and the Yle report only mentioned rifles. He said that the routes for trafficking the weapons from Ukraine were already in place and said motorcycle gangs were involved in the activity.

“Three of the world’s largest motorcycle gangs—that are part of larger international organizations—are active in Finland. One of these is Bandidos MC, which has a unit in every major Ukrainian city,” Ahlgren said.

There’s been virtually no oversight of the tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons that the US and its NATO allies have been pouring into Ukraine. Back in April, one source briefed on US intelligence told CNN that sending weapons into Ukraine was like dropping the arms into a “big black hole.”

In August, CBS released a short documentary that quoted the head of an NGO that helps get military equipment to Ukraine, who estimated only 30%-40% of the arms are making it to the frontlines. The documentary was quickly retracted after pressure from the Ukrainian government, and CBS said that the 30% estimation was based on figures in April.

Ahlgren said that officials in the region will have to deal with the influx of arms for years to come. “Ukraine has received a large volume of weapons and that’s good, but we’re going to be dealing with these arms for decades and pay the price here,” he said.



Do not sound so surprised it was reported about 6 months ago and yet nothing has changed….Interpol warns that the weapons being flooded into Ukraine will end up in the hands of criminals

Some members of Congress are putting pressure on the Pentagon over the lack of oversight for the billions in US weapons that are being pumped into Ukraine. Politico reported Thursday that there are lawmakers who have warned the Biden administration that the overwhelming congressional support for Ukraine aid could wane if the issue is not addressed.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tried to add a provision to the $40 billion Ukraine aid that would create a new inspector general for oversight, but his effort failed. The measure passed in a vote of 86-11, with only Republicans voting no, mostly because of the lack of accountability for how the funds will be spent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has also called for oversight of the aid being sent to Ukraine. “The US government is sending billions in humanitarian, economic, and military assistance to help the Ukrainian people overcome Putin’s brutal war, and the American people expect strong oversight by Congress and full accounting from the Department of Defense,” she said.

Demonstrating the severe lack of oversight, CNN reported in April that the US has “almost zero” ability to track the weapons it is sending once they enter Ukraine. One source briefed on US intelligence described it as dropping the arms into a “big black hole.”

The head of Interpol sounded the alarm on Wednesday over the number of weapons that are pouring into Ukraine, warning that they will end up in the hands of criminals. “The high availability of weapons during the current conflict will result in the proliferation in illicit arms in the post-conflict phase,” said Interpol Secretary-General Juergen Stock. “Even weapons that are used by the military, heavy weapons, will be available on the criminal market.”

Responding to the criticism of the lack of oversight, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Anton Semelroth appeared to blame the issue on Russia. “Risk of diversion is one of many considerations that we routinely assess when evaluating any potential arms transfer,” Semelroth said. “In this case, risk would be considerably minimized by the full withdrawal from Ukraine by Russian forces.”

In typical fashion….”It is Russia’s fault”….a lame excuse for NO actual oversight.

Did you hear any of this on your broadcast news?

When will the American taxpayer realize just how badly the government is at ….well anything.

We need to know where our money is spent or should I say…wasted.

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