How About A Ukraine Update?

It is not secret that I feel that our commitment to Ukraine is hurting this country and that our blinded commitment is not doing anyone any good and will do little to find a solution to this conflict.

Then one of Zelensky’s posse has threatened to go to war with Iran…..

On November 5, Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has advocated for military strikes on drone production sites located in Iran. President Zelensky echoed Podolyak’s belligerent rhetoric the following day, demanding Iran be “punished” for allegedly supplying drones to Russia. 

Kiev adopted its hostile posture towards Tehran after claiming Russia deployed Iranian-supplied drones to strike Ukrainian civilian infrastructure throughout much of October. 

In an interview with a Ukrainian news outlet on November 5, Podolyak argued that the response to Iran supplying Russia with drones should not be limited to sanctions or even a total trade embargo: “It seems to me that it should not be sanctions or even an embargo, yes a total embargo. It seems to me that it would be possible to carry out specific strikes on the production of drones, ballistic missiles, and so on.”


These d/bags want to expand the war that is ripping Ukraine in half….at whose urging?

Zelensky wants to re-make Ukraine in Israeli images….could they be prodding this into Ukraine’s mind?

Just what does that mean?

Will they decide to attack their neighbors when the need to flex their muscle arise……knowing the US will cover their butts at every turn?

Zelensky has demanded that the US cover their budgetary shortfalls and that the US supply them indefinitely…..and Americans have NOTHING to say about these demands…why is that?

I asked the same question every time I write about Ukraine…with the massive support that we are giving to Ukraine what does the US hope to gain from this unending investment?

Speaking of weapons…..

Kiev is planning a buildup of its weapons industry to produce more sophisticated arms, with Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov saying government takeovers of several companies will help Kiev to create an “army of drones” and other NATO-caliber weapons. The defense chief noted that growing military ties between Kiev and the West makes Ukraine a de facto NATO partner.

In an interview on Thursday, Reznikov told reporters Kiev was seeking to replicate Tel Aviv’s defense industry. “We are trying to be like Israel – more independent during the next years,” he said.

The defense head argued that Israel’s advanced defense industry helps it maintain its sovereignty, adding “I think the best answer [can be seen] in Israel … developing their national industry for their armed forces. It made them independent.”


An arms industry will be easy when they have so much surplus weapons given to them by the US.

I think the American people deserve more answer than threats…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

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8 thoughts on “How About A Ukraine Update?

  1. Why do they consider Israel to be independent in that way? Without the support of the USA Israel would be in serious trouble. As for attacking Iran because they sell drones, that would also give Russia the idea to attack Turkey because it sells drones to the other side. And then the UK and US for supplying weapons systems to Ukraine, and so on indefinitely. Crazy!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I absolutely get your opposition to unending military support from the west….but you also don’t seem terribly supportive of Ukraine’s right to exist, with its territorial and demographic integrity. Am I reading that wrong?

    1. Yes….I support Ukraine’s independence…..I am just not positive that Zelensky is anything but a self-serving tool…..that seems to be the yell when I ask my question…..Ukraine’s right to self-determination…..I have no problem with that just the US needs to look inward for throwing money away. chuq

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