Doing The Christian Thing.

I feel that anyone that tries to help their fellow man deserves all the credit…..but it appears that in Arizona it is against the law to feed the homeless.

n elderly Arizona woman is the first person to be arrested under a city ordinance after she shared food with people in need in a public park—and the first now to sue her hometown over that ordinance, per the AP. Norma Thornton, a 78-year-old retired restaurant owner, was arrested back in March in Bullhead City for passing out free food she’d prepared at home to individuals (some of them homeless) in the city’s Community Park, something she’d done regularly for at least four years, per her complaint filed Tuesday. Thornton had noticed after moving to Bullhead City that the park was “several miles away from the nearest shelter or food pantry,” and so she thought her expertise and home cooking could help those who needed sustenance, according to her suit.

Problems arose, however, because Thornton was technically breaching the city’s May 2021 ordinance against sharing food in public parks, which requires a $30 permit, proof of insurance, and a $250 refundable deposit within five days of food distribution. Even then, those who obtain such a permit can only hand out food once a month for two hours. The city says the rule is meant to “protect public health, safety, and welfare” and to “accommodate competing interests and uses for park space.” Mayor Tom Brady notes the ordinance applies only to public parks, and that churches, clubs, and private property are fair game without a permit.

The Institute of Justice, which is representing Thornton, has posted video of her arrest on March 8, in which the arresting officer even seems reluctant to haul her down to the police station. “I think this is a PR nightmare, but OK,” he’s heard telling his superior, per NBC. Thornton was issued a citation and could have seen up to four months behind bars and a fine of up to $750. She wouldn’t accept a plea deal, though, and the charges were eventually dropped. That didn’t stop her from wanting to sue.

Bless her good heart for not accepting a plea deal.

Arizona that bastion on conservatism….this tells me that these so-called Christians care nothing for their fellow man….they are such hypocrites that have a firm grip on the penis in one hand and a Bible in the other….and that is their policies reflect.

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10 thoughts on “Doing The Christian Thing.

  1. I guarantee you that they much prefer the penis over the Bible in any event. They are always fascinated with penises because the best among them are pecker heads to the first degree.

  2. Well… let me the first to be the naysayer here.. just a bit, if I may. I lived in Bullhead for two years.. but that means absolutely nothing to my alt-reasoning here. There is another way to consider this. Now.. I am not one bit suggesting my reasoning (justification?) in siding with the city on this issue is the same reasoning that passed the ordinance in the first place. I am just exercising some.. hmmm… critical thinking here.
    We all know we live in a litigation society so it’s not a stretch one bit that someone not liking grandma’s cooking may sue for indigestion or something. The recipients of grandma’s benevolence is not some second cousin family member who will forgive grandma’s over-use of garlic or inadvertent use of Clorox. Grandma may like to have some insurance rather than lose in court and lose her house to strangers in a class action. Setting those ordinance requirements is pretty minimal to assure some public protection in being able to collect on legitimate damages. Also, I might venture to presume that the two-hour limit per food-giving event seems a bit cautionary as prepared food will start to get a bit gamey if left out in the environment for hours on end sitting in serving trays. I think we can all identify with the all-day family picnic and you arrive near the end because you had to work late… and the stuff sitting in serving trays for hours in the sun until you got there can be a bit unsettling, not to mention the airborne insects dining as well.
    Overall, those requirements also tend to presume that only the “serious” of Christians would go through the process… and it would be far less risky about being exposed to some Right Wing mental case person spontaneously cooking up a heaping tray of vengeful vendetta al fredo that takes out half the community.
    Again, while my reasoning seems to side on the cautionary.. it does not mean that my reasoning concepts spawned the ordinance. I am just providing some context.

    The ordinance does not apply to non-public park settings as churches, charities on private property, etc., indoor or outdoor. Charges were dismissed and grandma was freed anyway.

    1. We had a couple that had a van and would go to sites that homeless hung out and give sandwiches, aspirin, condoms, and other stuff….they continued to police the area around the van for litter….they have been arrested several times on permit issues…..I have a problem with this as well chuq

  3. Giving prepared food away presents the possibility of initiating severe health issues if the food quality and composition are not monitored by health professionals. That’s a huge but necessary complication for everyone’s protection.

    1. I disagree….none of these people set off to poison someone… is an excuse to keep the poor from getting a meal they cannot pay for…..chuq

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