That Anti-Science Movement

I am sure you know someone who explains everything away as ‘false science’…..if not then you are very fortunate for they are everywhere and rattling on about everything.

How do these ‘people’ come by their misguided belief that all science is ‘false’ of ‘fake’?

Anti-science beliefs are built on four foundations, or bases, the authors said. These foundations are: thinking scientific sources lack credibility; identifying with groups that have anti-science attitudes; a scientific message that contradicts a person’s current beliefs; and a mismatch between how a message is presented and a person’s style of thinking.

“What all four of these bases have in common is they reveal what happens when scientific information conflicts with what people already think or their style of thought,” said co-author Richard Petty, professor of psychology at Ohio State.

For starters, industries are degrading trust in science by hijacking scientific credentials, using “sciency” sounding claims to bolster their clout for profits; pharmaceutical companies have most certainly given us plenty of reasons not to trust them. What’s more, science doesn’t always get things right, and large factions of the media are stoking sentiments against “elitist” experts and bolstering anti-science views.

All this doubt, conflict, and information overload are eroding people’s trust in scientists, and those of us often responsible for conveying scientific information to the public, like the media and government officials, are fairing even worse on the trust scales.

This distrust of the source of information is one of the four main barriers to accepting science Philipp-Muller and colleagues identify in their review.  

When information challenges a person’s core beliefs, challenges the group they identify with, or doesn’t match their learning style are the other main barriers the team highlighted.

“What all four of these bases have in common is they reveal what happens when scientific information conflicts with what people already think or their style of thought,” explains Petty.

We need to fight for the science….but this will be an uphill battle for social media is a powerful tool to be used by the anti-science faction.

All we can do is ask question….question everything and look for the answers….not just something that agrees with your misguided perceptions….

Do you want to know what is true?

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10 thoughts on “That Anti-Science Movement

  1. The rise in the mistrust of evidential science leads to mistrust in the products of scientific research –things like medicines and vaccines for example … life-saving, life-enhancing things ….and the mistrust in medicines and vaccines and other related scientific advancements leads to much unnecessary suffering and preventable death ….which brings me to the only sensible conclusion that I can reach concerning those who mistrust science …

    My conclusion is that those who mistrust science to the point of resisting it and ignoring it are those whose minds and intellectual capabilities have degenerated over time resulting in a form of detached, irrational idiocy that, because it infects so many … mostly those severely addicted to radical Conservatism, has caused them to unwittingly be sucked into another scientific reality which we all know as the theory of the “Survival Of The Fittest.”

    Those who perish because of their science-denying mindlessness are nothing more or less than victims of the process of “Natural Selection” and their demise is beneficial to the planet and to the prevailing social order because it is part of the ongoing “Natural Balance” of things required for preservation of Civilization itself.

    From that standpoint, I maintain and contend that the demise of hordes of right wing science deniers is a good thing because…. “Less of them, more of us.”

    Modern Day radical conservatism is the genesis and protagonist of all that is dark and evil in the world and most other ideations are the essence of positivity … The dark and evil are destructive of all that is good and positive. We definitely need a shot of positivity right now so let the fools go ahead and embrace their ignorance. Their ignorance benefits all the rest of us supremely.

  2. Generally science tends to correct itself. By that I mean… someone discovers/reveals something, publishes a paper, and others within that discipline proves/disproves the discovery and/or hypothesis. Nonetheless, it’s populist blathering that begins to question the institution of science, and like all our institutions these days, as being corrupt/corruptible to political of profitable ends. They conjure up their own “scientific” alternatives from their own ‘scientific” sources… and the beat goes on. Government agencies meant to verify the uses of science within our lives are already suspect given they are in fact a government institution and subject to the whims of politics.

    Slightly off topic here, but did you hear the latest on the composition of the drones Russia is using against the Ukrainians, chug? Seems the Russian drones are chock full of foreign components. Circuit boards from the U.S., infrared optics from France, other parts from Germany.. a long list. Seems these are all commercial grade components and difficult to trace and track.

    1. I had not heard that…but I cannot say it would surprise me…..after all it is about the cash not the right thing to do. chuq

  3. “I did my own research” used to mean something other than Googling until you found a website that already agreed with your dumbass opinion. So much for technology making people smarter.

    1. Well said…..I spend a lot of time research things…..I post both sides usually to let the reader know where the conversation is going. chuq

  4. The Director of “Idiocracy” said he couldn’t make the film today because it’s a documentary. So sad that stupidity has returned as something people are proud of

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