Biden Bad News

The 2024 presidential election is not as far away as some may think. We still do not know for sure what Trump will do….and that is keeping some descent GOP candidates from actually considering a run….then there is the Dems. Will Biden run or will he step aside and let America look at someone else?

If his poll numbers are any indication then he is not smiling much these days.

His approval rating is in the toilet.

The New York Times is out with a new political poll that has remarkably low numbers for President Biden—among his fellow Democrats.

  • Don’t run: Maybe the most striking stat is that only 26% of Democratic voters want him to run again in 2024. For those under 30, that percentage drops to a bottom-scraping 6%. Biden has said he plans to seek re-election.
  • Sinking lower: His job-approval rating fell to 33% among all voters, with only 13% of them saying the nation is on the right track. His approval rating specifically among Democrats is 70%, which the story notes is “relatively low.”
  • Reaction: “Maybe the worst presidential poll I’ve ever seen,” writes Allahpundit at Hot Air. And yet, this piece lays out why, for various reasons, Biden will likely face Donald Trump again in a presidential election. “Nothing would better reflect the nagging sense of national decline and civic paralysis that colors all of our politics nowadays than two widely disliked guys who are well past their prime wheezing their way to easy renominations in 2024. God help us.”
  • Analysis: At the Washington Post, Philip Bump sees a big-picture factor at at play. “Biden’s age and job performance are both salient in this discussion, but the new poll also reflects something else: the simmering power struggle within the party between its left and moderate factions.” Generally speaking, those on the left are younger, but they are less concerned about Biden’s age than the older moderates. For them, it’s about policies, or the lack thereof.

Not looking too good for ‘Uncle Joe’….

Personally I hope he steps aside.

I have not been impressed by anything he has done in his admin so for…..he has entered a war, protected corporate massive profits, and screwed the American people at every turn.

Yes I know he is better than a Trump….but for me that is NO DAMN excuse….Dems are pathetic and there leader is the most pathetic.

Enough Said?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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7 thoughts on “Biden Bad News

  1. If he has any self-respect, he won’t run again. He has done nothing very positive since taking office.
    Then again, he is a politician…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Trump won’t have to do anything except move himself back into the oval office in 2025 because the rogue Supreme Court along with 300 minor judges plus new laws giving GOP run states the power to over-ride voters and throw out democrat votes have already stolen it for him and it is all legal.

      1. It is also potentially dangerous because I believe that such an event could eventually put the lives of all dissenters at risk.

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Something to think about … that I wish I didn’t have to!! .. “Not looking too good for ‘Uncle Joe’ … Personally I hope he steps aside.”

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