Money Well Spent

Would you like 450,000% return on your investment?

A silly question….of course you would.

Well that is the return on the bribes the Defense industry gave to Congress and all members got their blood money.

I know….I know….I bitch a lot about the M-IC but seriously (?) this is ridiculous….

Military contractors give members of Congress millions of dollars in hopes of boosting the Pentagon budget—a practice that could have a huge payoff for the next fiscal year, according to an analysis published Thursday by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen.

The new report reveals the industry poured about $10.2 million into 2022 campaign and political action committee (PAC) contributions for members of key committees, and contractors could see a nearly 450,000% return on that investment.

The sector gave $2,990,252 to members of the House Armed Services Committee and $7,175,092 to members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, or a total of $10,165,344 for this election cycle.

President Joe Biden requested an $813 billion Pentagon budget for fiscal year 2023. The House committee in June voted to add about $37 billion, while the Senate panel last month voted for a $45 billion increase above the White House request.

As the Public Citizen report—which relies on campaign finance data from—explains:

Notably, the average campaign contribution from the military-industrial complex to a member of the House or Senate Armed Services Committee who voted “yes” to increase military spending for FY23 is more than triple the average campaign contribution from the military-industrial complex to those who voted “no.” Those who voted “yes” received average contributions of $151,722. Those who voted “no” received average contributions of $42,967.

The House committee’s top recipients from the past two years who recently voted to boost the Pentagon budget were Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) at $404,525; Rob Wittman (R-Va.) at $237,799; Mike Turner (R-Ohio) at $150,950; Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) at $131,000; and Elaine Luria (D-Va.) at $127,743. Rogers is the panel’s top Republican.

You still cannot see the corruption going on?

Do you still think that you have a voice in Congress?

You do if you have millions to bribe a Congressperson….if not you are just a means to an end and have little sway over the decisions these slugs have to give.

At what point do we allow this corruption to continue?

Greed and corruption are the politics of today….and the Congress cashes (no pun intended) in….and cases in massively.

Not to worry this corruption will continue and continue….and you worry about the corruption in say Russia….look a little closer to home….you will be surprised.

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4 thoughts on “Money Well Spent

  1. If this financial corruption is a matter of record, then surely the politicians and officals involved should be arrested? I fail to understand the tolerance of such bribery, but then I am English.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I have never bribed anyone but early on I discovered that it is more preferable to sign contracts of any consequence over drinks after a nice dinner. LOL

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