A Trump Announcement Anticipated

A coming decision that could hold so many implications…..hold your breath.

There has been a wealth of ‘will he or won’t he’ throw his MAGA hat into the 2024 presidential election.

That simple question could have its answer very soon.

Former President Donald Trump has been signaling for a while that he plans to make another run for the White House, and we may find out in the coming days if that is indeed the case. Sources tell both the New York Times and CNN that Trump, 76, may be planning an earlier-than-anticipated formal announcement on his candidacy, with his advisers telling the Times it could come sometime this month. One GOP source tells CNN that an announcement could even come as early as the next week or so, while another source mentions that the press would likely get wind of such an announcement ahead of time to ensure plenty of media coverage. Those said to be in the know about discussions on the matter, though, don’t exactly feel in the know. “Every day is different,” one source tells CNN. “We get told he’s going to announce imminently, and by the afternoon that has changed.”

Still, “he’s sounding a lot more committed lately,” a source said to be “close to Trump” tells the network. Part of Trump’s apparent anxiety on whether or not to announce early is said to be tied to the Jan. 6 congressional hearings, where he feels his side of things isn’t being given proper attention. Sources say an early 2024 announcement, in Trump’s view, would draw the coverage to himself that he desires and away from the Capitol riot investigations. “He knows that if he announces [a run for president] he’ll be center stage again,” a source tells CNN. Others note that another compelling reason behind an early bid may be to fend off other possible GOP contenders, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Trump’s own former vice president, Mike Pence. Trump “wants to clear the field and dare other people to run against him,” a source tells CNN.

The Times notes the timing of such an announcement—which typically isn’t made until the year before an election—would be “extraordinary,” though not necessarily beneficial for Republicans. Some fear that kind of move could be detrimental to other GOPers running in the midterms, while others aren’t sure if Trump should run again at all, especially with “signs that a growing number of the party’s voters are exploring other options,” the paper notes. Then there are the complexities of campaign finance laws that affect early candidacies, as well as those close to Trump, including son Donald Trump Jr., who are said to want him to hold off on announcing until they can put a solid campaign infrastructure in place. Newsweek notes that a Friday Emerson poll of US voters shows Trump way ahead of other GOP contenders in the primary, with 55%. His closest rival, DeSantis comes in at just 20%.

Let’s say he decides that he wants to run in 2024 who are the voters that will vote for this clown?

• Messiahs and Junior Messiahs
• Demonizers
• LOL Nothing Matters Republicans
• Tribalist Trolls
• Strivers
• Little Mixes
• Peter Principle Disprovers
• Nerd Revengers
• The Inert Team Players
• The Compartmentalizers
• Cartel Cashers

There is a wealth of all 11 types of Trump voters….can they be neutralized?


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


15 thoughts on “A Trump Announcement Anticipated

  1. If he throws his hat into the ring for 2024 it will only be because he is getting afraid of being prosecuted and he believes that no one would dare mess with a candidate for the presidency. I think this would be an excellent “Slick Willy” move for what I consider to be a slimeball.

  2. ASIDE: Dear Professor, Would you please take a look at the current configuration of my blog and tell me if it is coming through to you with all the words in the posts presented in ITALIC form? I am using a new font changer and I want to see if it works for everyone and not just for me. Thank you. (I do not intend to leave it this way by the way.)

    1. Doug…it looks treat to my eyes…I still cannot like your posts from your site…..other than that all looks good. chuq

      1. My question was, Is my site showing up on your computer with all the text in Italics? I am tryhing a new program and I need to know if you are seeing my blog in ITALICS.

  3. With the effects of the Georgia criminal investigation likely to return an indictment, former Trump sycophants rushing to provide testimony to the Jan. Committee to cover their own asses, possible DOJ indictments.. and all the existing civil suits.. Trumpian GOP candidates are already trying to separate themselves from the Orange Man. DeSantis wants the job very badly, Cheney is likely to toss her hat into that primary….. so…. my take is that if Trump decides to run, that alone would facilitate his loss…. and he so hates to lose to the point of becoming psychotic.
    I still say he will not run.. but if he does he’s a guarantee to lose. Again, who would even serve in his administration given they would fully expect at the end of his term that they would have to testify before another Congressional committee, likely get indicted themselves. It would have to be pardons for everyone on his inauguration day before anyone would serve in his administration.

  4. Well he would still be younger than Biden, and he has retained his fan base. If I was him, I would go for it.
    (But of course, I hope he doesn’t…He might win again…)
    (Is there nobody under 50 who could run for president? )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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