What’s Next For Putin?

The MSM has generated a continuing saga with an off the cuff statement…..calling for a coup against Putin (not really but the media has made it so)….

But the question has been asked….what will Putin do next?

After the guns fall silent….I ask what is next for Putin and/or Ukraine?

If things do not go well in Ukraine could “Vlad the Invader’ seems to have an old idea…the partition of Ukraine….

If I remember properly I believe back in 2003/2004 Biden was a proponent of partitioning Iraq into 3 ‘states’….a bad idea for Iraq….

Now I have read about a similar idea from Putin about Ukraine…..

Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, most western media accounts have assumed that his goal is to conquer the entire country, overthrow the elected government, and replace it with a pro-Russian regime. These reports, and the maps that accompany them, often fail to take into account the different regions of Ukraine, and how Russia may covet some more than others.

This is the same fundamental error that accompanied early reports on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which often overlooked internal ethnic and religious territoriality in those countries, and used top-down political and military analysis that treated them only as unitary states. It wasn’t until later in those wars that maps of ethnic and sectarian divisions began to explain the patterns of resistance to U.S. occupation. Like those two countries, Ukraine is not just a piece on a geopolitical chess board, but a place, with its own rich diversity and relationships among peoples.

Moreover, western media tends to treat the Ukraine conflict only in the light of the 20th-century Cold War, assuming that the former KGB agent Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union. Yet Putin has said the exact opposite, in a flourish of anti-Communist rhetoric that preceded the invasion. His vision is clearly of a renewed Russian Empire, but analysts from recent settler-colonial states have difficulty understanding that memories can extend many centuries earlier than the mere 74-year life of the Soviet Union.

Is Putin Heading Toward a Partition of Ukraine?

Let’s leave Ukraine in the rear view mirror, for now…..

Will Putin be happy with a victory in Ukraine?

Some say no….that his relentless assault on Ukraine is only the beginning…..

Turn your attention to Moldova to the west of Ukraine…..

Moldova | History, Population, Map, Flag, Capital, & Facts | Britannica

The thing is that there is a friend in this region other than Belarus….Transnistria

Map of Moldova with Transnistria y Gagauzia marked (see online version... |  Download Scientific Diagram

This break away region is Russia friendly…but that is for another post, no doubt)…..

Here is a video from Belarus that claims that Russia has further desires in Eastern Europe….

Is this a reality or just posturing?

Is ‘Vlad the Invader’ really that bloodthirsty?

I think not.  His army has proven that they are not up to invasion successfully.

But we shall see.

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10 thoughts on “What’s Next For Putin?

  1. The leader of Belarus seems to be a liability. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him deposed by Putin soon
    As for Ukraine, my guess is the Russians want Odessa in any deal, and Ukraine cannot accept giving up that major seaport. That will keep the war ongoing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I definitely think Vladimir has further desires in Eastern Europe. It’s executing those desires that is the problem. In an ideal world (for him), he would be able to take a bunch of countries over and make them part of a new Russian empire. In reality, he is bogged down in Ukraine and making only slow progress there.

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