That Moldovan Thing

All the pundits are trying to zero in on just Putin’s intentions will be after the Ukraine fighting winds down…..will Vlad the Invader have his eyes on another region for his exercise in masculinity…..

I purposed that a neighbor of Ukraine could be next….the nation of Moldova…

My friend over at American Liberal Times also had his thoughts down for what is next for Putin…..

Russia’s new push in the South of Ukraine where Russia could open up a corridor to the separatist region of Moldova….

A Russian deputy military commander said Moscow could seize Ukraine’s Black Sea coast to create a corridor to a breakaway region of Moldova.

On Friday, Rustam Minnekaev, acting commander of Russia’s Central Military District, said, “control over the south of Ukraine is another way to Transnistria, where there is also evidence that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed.” He added, “One of the tasks of the Russian army is to establish full control over the Donbas and southern Ukraine.”

Nearly 500,000 people live in Transnistria, a narrow section of Moldova that borders Ukraine. While no countries recognize its sovereignty from Moldova, it has been self-ruled since 1992. Russia has about 1,500 peacekeepers in Transnistria.

The Moldovan said the comments conflict with Russia’s stated policy. “These statements are unfounded and contradict the position of the Russian Federation supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, within its internationally recognized borders,” the Moldovan foreign ministry told the Washington Post.


This thing is far from over….just by the words of Russian generals……

A Russian commander made it clear Friday that Moscow isn’t planning to stop the war in Ukraine anytime soon. State media quoted Rustam Minnekayev, acting commander of Russia’s central military district, as saying Russia plans to take full control of southern Ukraine as well as the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, Reuters reports. Minnekayev reportedly said Russia plans to hold southern Ukraine as a land bridge between Donbas and Ukraine, and as “another way to Transdniestria, where there is also evidence that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed.”

To protect the Russian speaking minority…..where have we heard this before in history?

Then rockets attack in the break-away region…..

Over the past few days, multiple attacks and explosions have been reported in the breakaway Transnistria region of Moldova that borders Ukraine. Transnistria has been a de facto independent state since 1992 and hosts about 1,500 Russian troops on a “peacekeeping” mission.

On Monday, several explosions that were said to be caused by rocket-propelled grenades reportedly hit Transnistria’s Ministry of State Security in the capital Tiraspol. On Tuesday, the territory’s Security Council said a “terrorist attack” hit a military unit near Tiraspol.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the leader of Transnistria, said the attacks could be traced back to Ukraine. “The traces of these attacks lead to Ukraine,” Krasnoselsky said, according to Russia’s Tass news agency. “I assume that those who organized this attack have the purpose of dragging Transdniestria into the conflict.”

Both Russia and Moldovan President Maia Sandu expressed concern about the attacks. “This is an attempt to escalate tensions. We decisively condemn such acts,” Sandu said. She attributed the blasts to “internal differences between various groups in Transnistria that have an interest in destabilizing the situation.”


This bold statement should have the M-IC drooling allover themselves….the profit possibility is staggering.

For those interested in more information on this region and its involvement…..

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4 thoughts on “That Moldovan Thing

  1. My short answer to your question about Moldova is, “Maybe not “Next” but sure as shootin’ somewhere along the line because the Russian Master Plan seems to be expansion into every EU piece of land that was once part of old Tsarist Russia. (Like Hitler and his Sudatenland which translated into “All of Europe.”

  2. I have to say I think Moldova was always on the agenda. It would be a way of surrounding Ukraine in the south/east/west and always being a threat. Let’s see how far Putin is determined to push NATO.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My thought as well…if the Russians succeed in Southern Ukraine then it will be land locked….Poland and Romania will be their only corridors…..chuq

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