That “Plant-Based” Fad

Does anyone else sick of the term?

I am seriously over the whole silly fad of ‘plant-based’ anything. It is only a marketing ploy to get get idiots to spend their cash on something that is not all that healthy to begin with….

Say what?

Xanthe Clay has no problem with the idea of people eating less meat and more vegetables. It would not only be healthier for humans but for the planet as well. But in an essay at the Telegraph, Clay has a warning for people chowing down on plant-based burgers, or chicken, or whatever: A lot of these products are ultra-processed and far from health food. “Junk” is actually the word Clay uses. And while they have a place in diets, that place should be the same one relegated to other types of junk food. As such, they should be eaten sparingly. “That lovely word ‘plant’ has a whiff of nature, countryside, health, fresh air, natural leafiness,” writes Clay. But many of the products flying this flag would be better associated with a manufacturing plant than one of the natural variety.

“(P)lease, don’t kid yourself that this is healthy food,” writes Clay. “While health experts exhort us to eat more vegetables, this isn’t what they mean. They mean actual vegetables, you know, cabbage and carrots and cauliflowers. The plant-based kind.” The problem is that food manufacturers have predictably saturated the market (and the airwaves) with products posing as healthy because of a “plant-based” label. Read the full essay, in which Clay runs through some preferred meat alternatives.

Plant based eggs?   Seriously?

I even read of a sugar substitute that sells itself as a plant based alternative…..if I am not mistaken I believe sugar is plant based.

These people are worried about the production of meat as a problem to the planet…. but has anyone thought about the increase in agriculture would do to the world?  Think pesticide run-off.

Please be wary of these slugs that are pretending to care about the planet….when all they care about is duping the consumer into buying more expensive ‘food stuffs’….has little to do with saving anything…..especially not money.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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4 thoughts on “That “Plant-Based” Fad

  1. When I see ‘plant-based’, I immediately think of preservatives, chemicals, fillers, and processing. I think I will stick to meat, and on the odd days when I don’t have meat, a pizza with vegetarian toppings like olives, asparagus, and artichoke hearts.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I saw an ad yesterday for Chipotle. I guess they have a plant based chorizo now. I cannot imagine what must be done to a plant to achieve a taste like chorizo sausage.

    1. “Plant based eggs”….the container costs $5.28….I can egg 2 dozen real eggs and have change for a candy bar… do they get grass to taste like eggs? Be well chuq

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