Closing Thought–17Dec21

I read a lot and sometimes I read something that just makes me step back and ask the question…..Really?

One such article was from the “Daily Caller” (not one of my regular reads) it was about some allegations about Playboy’s Hugh Hefner…..

Holly Madison said Monday the late Hugh Hefner allegedly took “sexually explicit” pictures of her and other women that she called “non-consensual.”

“When girls would go out with Hef, in the limo, in the nightclub and come back to his room after, he was constantly taking photos of these women on his disposable camera,” the former Playboy playmate and former girlfriend of Hefner shared during her appearance on the the “Power: Hugh Hefner” podcast.

“And they’d be invited out and oftentimes would be pressured, not necessarily directly by him, he would have some of his girlfriends do it too, pressure them to come upstairs,” Madison continued.


You try out for the men’s magazine that features women in sexually explicit photos and yet you want to try a get a payday out of your actions?

I question this accusation….the timing is a bit suspicious for me.

I understand the ‘consent’ thing….but I can also see the consent was applied when you voluntarily want to be naked in a magazine for all men to admire and desire.

Plus they are accusing a dead man….no chance for his response.

Maybe I am just from a by-gone era.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Dec21

  1. Anyone connected to Hefner in any way would have known what to expect. He was famous for his womanising, so this is a lame accusation, very late in the day.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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