Those Kennedy Papers

Closing Thought–16Dec21

For decades conspiracy theorists have been wanting and waiting for the Kennedy assassination papers so they can further the beliefs they want to be true.

The Biden admin has done what they have longed for….released the investigation papers../….well some but NOT all….

The White House on Wednesday released almost 1,500 additional documents tied to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Experts say there’s little point in searching for a smoking gun within them, reports CNN, with Fox News adding a large number of the documents involve assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The National Archives and Records Administration said the release of the “previously withheld” records was done to adhere to an October memorandum issued by President Biden that required “releasable records” be disclosed by today’s date.

It’s a step forward in an elongated process that was supposed to wrap up in 2017: the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act passed in 1992 specified all assassination records be made public by October of that year. Then-President Trump balked on releasing some, and Biden allowed for a delay as well. At least 10,000 more are either still withheld or remain partially redacted, as today’s deadline only applied to those that national security agencies have not suggested should continue to be withheld. A second deadline set by Biden of Dec. 15, 2022, was “to allow for the remaining documents to undergo a rigorous security review and then be released,” per CNN.

CNN adds that there’s a third deadline in all this, which is also today, and one that could “be more significant than the documents release.” Biden’s memo reads, “For any record containing information that an agency proposes for continued postponement beyond December 15, 2022, the agency shall provide, no later than December 15, 2021 … an unclassified letter, to be signed by the head of the agency, providing a written description of the types of information for which the agency is proposing continued postponement and reasons for which the agency is proposing continued postponement of such information.” The memo says NARA will review proposed redactions with agencies no later than September 1, 2022.

How disappointing for the conspiracy nerds.

And the wait continues…..

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Liberty University Has Made The News (Again)

It seems that Liberty U has become a hot bed for sexual deviants….first it was the sexual exploits of the founder’s son a school president, Falwell….then the school hires the sexual predator coach from Ole Miss…..from the professor who abduct a student to the rapes on campus…..and now more sexual exploits in the school…..

A professor at the conservative Christian Liberty University in Virginia has been accused of abduction and sexual battery of a student. William Atwell, an associate professor of American Sign Language, was arrested on Nov. 20 in connection with an accusation of sexual battery on Sept. 15 and abduction on Nov. 19. A spokesperson for the school said in a statement that Atwell has been suspended and the school is taking the matter seriously. Inappropriate sexual contact with a student is “something for which there is zero tolerance,” the spokesperson said, per NBC News.

The student reported the incidents to the school, which turned it over to the police. Liberty has been under fire in the past for how it handles accusations of sexual assault at the school. Twelve women are suing the school, CNN reports. The women, former students and staff plus one minor who was not a student, filed a complaint in federal court saying the school created a hostile environment and punished people who reported misconduct. Scott Lamb, senior vice president of communications and public engagement until Liberty fired him in October, has filed a lawsuit with similar charges, too, the News & Advance reports. Scott says he was fired in retaliation for coming forward, and the school has pushed back hard against the allegations.

Is this where right wing pervs go for an education?

A terrible record for a supposedly religious university….but then I never trusted a group that teaches junk science as fact.

A pack of hypocrites charged with of children’s future….

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