2021–A Look Back

2021 was a killer of a year….

As of October 2021, 470 (of which 240 resulted in zero deaths) fit the Mass Shooting Tracker project criterion, leaving 482 people dead and 1,927 injured, for a total of 2,409 total victims, some including the shooter(s).

Now there is a stat to be proud of (sarcasm in case you missed it)

This year as it ends I would like to look back at the disasters and actions that make 2021 a terrible year.  (I know this is just a way to close out the year but it all bears repeating)

A year of illness, death, mourning, and ever-increasing political chaos on a striking, if not unparalleled, scale threatens the American system as we’ve known it.

A year of tornadoes, hurricanes, sickness. a terrible freeze and those are the things that immediately jump to mind….but there was so much more….2021 has been a year like no other…not in recent history…..

Weather seemed to be the biggest threat….worldwide…


And yet the weather seems to be of little concern to the leaders that owe everything to those that assist in the demise of the planet.

A small look back for you to contemplate….

Oh, and just to end on a cheerier note, as 2021 wound down, the Senate, which can agree on so little, passed almost unanimously the most staggering Pentagon budget of our time. The senators, like their House colleagues, even added an additional $24 billion the Biden administration hadn’t asked for.

So, as 2021 concludes, thanks a million for… well, not much, in all honesty.

Still, let’s hope against hope that, in 2022, we humans can figure out how to refocus on what matters and on the world we genuinely care to create for our children and grandchildren. It may seem unlikely after 12 months like this, but impossible it’s not and that’s a new year’s wish worth having as 2021 finally comes to an end.


Then there is our worthless Congress….they failed the people of this country on several levels…..

Voting Rights….should be a gimme but for some reason there are those that do not want to have people vote.

Police Reform….another issue that needs addressing and needs action….too many deaths at the hands of the local PDs but yet they prefer to kick this issue down the road….as usual.

Immigration Reform….what can I say….yet another hopeless cause….

If you would like more on these failures….


A short look ahead to 2022….

I do not see much accomplished by our ‘overworked’ Congress (sarcasm in case you missed it) the perverts with the cash will see to that….after all it is an election year and everything comes to a virtual standstill as the politicians drop to their knees to perform for their cash….and sadly I do not see any progress for the Congress will return to the hands of the party of ‘NO’ (GOP)……

Is the country in the hands of the voter or in the claws of the parasites that own the Congress and government?

I think you know my answer….which is your?

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”