Closing Thought–29Oct21

As you know this country is becoming more and more divided…..and the rise of hate groups is also a growing problem.

But which state has the highest number of haters?

That would be Montana.

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases data each year on hate groups across America. The 2020 figure was 838. One of the factors in the analysis is that hate groups are divided into groups that range from neo-Nazis to racist skinheads to anti-migrant groups. The study also shows where the groups are located based on years of observation.

The state with the most hate groups is Montana. Here are the details:

Hate groups in 2020: 5.55 per million people (six total)
Percentage of population identifying as white: 85.8 (fifth highest)
Percentage of population foreign-born: 2.3 (third lowest)
Median household income: $57,153 (11th lowest)
Largest hate group headquartered in the state: Last Chance Patriots

What is a hate group according to the study? The study included this definition:

This Is the State With the Most Hate Groups

My state, Mississippi, is number 16…..(I would have thought it would be higher on the list)……

For me this whole division thing is very disturbing…..I am an old fart so I fear that this country will not heal in my lifetime for that reason I fear for my granddaughter in the future.

Please any thoughts?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–29Oct21

  1. Well, I think of it this way… When us Boomers get the hell out of life for good, the subsequent generations will do just fine. We thought the same thing of our Greatest Generation parents. “You old farts get outta here, We will do just fine, and likely better than you did.”
    In reality… we didn’t, nor will our kids. But, hope springs eternal.

    1. I agree….I had such high hopes for my generation and since the 80s they have disappointed me at every turn….truth is I worry about Millennials….they internet has turned them into easily pliable lumps….be well my friend chuq

      1. You’re a history wonk. If you think back, there’s always been a percentage of the population that were “pliable lumps”.. whether from newspapers since our founding, then the broadcast media, into TV, the Internet. We may be more educated than certainly our grandparents and ancestors back.. even more than our own parents. But if you notice, education is the “add-on” to our simply being human. Call it the value-added to give our existence improved worth, even if the worth is only to ourselves. Our diversity dictated by nature vs. nurture calls the shots. Education doesn’t make us think the same and never will, yet we tend to hold those with education to a higher level of social respect. The problem is what is happening now… that the less educated are feeling the educated are more qualified and with entitlement, therefore also entitled to dictate to the lessors.
        Anyway.. that’s how I try to explain away my frustration. 🙂

      2. A good explanation…mine is that by 1980 education was less important….my state is about 82% literate in a time when education is free that is just sad….Red States seem to hate the educated for they are less pliable than the illiterate… should be a top policy…..they are afraid of the educated and that is why some try to demonize them. chuq

  2. Montana is rarely mentioned here. I always think of it as remote, something like the old Wild West. Maybe that isolation breeds hatred of strangers, who knows?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Pete, too bad we all couldn’t get together.. get you over here to see the place.. and then chuq and me come there to pet Ollie.

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