Ancient Erotica

Warning:  There are some explicit images in this post…..these may offend some if so then please do not read this post.

History has always fascinated me….since as a young boy my grandfather use to talk about the lives and the history of Egypt and Mesopotamia…..of course it was not the erotica stuff but rather the buildings and warfare……

When I was in college I was exposed to a couple of fins in the sands of the Middle East……and these were what we call erotica…..

To begin the finds in Mesopotamia   

More images of the finds…..

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Then on to Egypt and the  finds….which today are displayed in Turn, Italy…..

Since its discovery, it underwent a lengthy period of censorship. During the Victorian era, women were banned from looking at it and even men had to get explicit permission with a very good reason behind it in order to take a peek.

The papyrus was discovered in the 19th century near the valley of the kings within a fragile pot and in very bad shape. Researchers have however since managed to fully rebuild it. Its content is exhilarating: The papyrus depicts a set of 12 ordinary men and women engaging in all sorts of sexual positions.

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Even our distant ancestors knew the joy of sex…..and it seems that they enjoyed a varied approach to the act.

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