Who’s The ‘Socialist’ Now?

Closing Thought–26Oct21

How many years have we had to endure the lies and manure spread by the GOP about those damn socialists?

Well for at least the 50 years that I have been writing about our f*cked up politics.

Looks like the worm  is turning (as they say)….

The GOP is trying desperately to convince the working class that they are the way forward…well at least for the next couple of elections….

Republican candidates running for president often start by declaring that the economy under a Democratic president is in horrible shape — a veritable “carnage” as Donald Trump put it — even though it wasn’t, and with supreme confidence declare that only they have the vision to right the ship.

Their vision — or delusion — is that cutting regulations and taxes is the key to stimulating growth. Unfortunately, the only ones who get “stimulated” are the rich who see the biggest gains from tax cuts.

I have previously shown how tax cuts have not helped the working class. Take a look at this graph. The bottom 50 percent of workers did not see any income gains during the 1980s from Ronald Reagan’s huge tax cuts enacted in 1981.


It is a smoke screen to help their corporate owners get much ‘benefits’ from the government.

Sorry sports fans but the solutions to our domestic problems whether it is poverty, hunger or homelessness will not be solved by corporate America….the real ruling party in this country.

And these problems will not be solved by Congress either….their ineffective governance is a by-product of their corporate ownership.

There are solutions but few want to think about….

Liberals and progressives would do well to understand that while class is not everything – far from it, as I shall argue below – there are still no real or lasting solutions to problems that rightly agitate them under capitalism and bourgeois democracy, that is, under the de facto material dictatorship of the capitalist class and its mode of production. Take the giant American problem of racial inequality and oppression. Does it have a certain real life of its own, one that should not simply be reduced to class in economistic ways? Sure. Of course. Go to any major US city and observe how residence and employment and the lack of both are apportioned and spaced by race. Look at the long and continuing legacies of Black chattel slavery and its ugly stepchild Jim Crow: the de facto racial apartheid, separate and unequal settlement, schooling, and investment patterns that are endemic across the United States along with racially disparate mass incarceration and felony marking and numerous other and interrelated practices and policies wired to produce savagely disparate outcomes by race. Look at the dogged denial of race and systemic white racism’s continuing central relevance in American life on the part of millions of right-wing white Amerikaners, whose politics are shaped at their core by absurd narratives of white victimization and a fear of white demographic encirclement. Race has a terrible space and life of its own in the US. Race matters. It matters a lot.

No Solutions Under Capitalism: Revolution is Required

Dems have a limo dick approach….they wait for the GOP to attack and then they get outraged and counter attack…..but their attack is a haphazard attempt to look engaged….they are not.

The GOP plays the long game on their issues and Dems sleep through their time and react when it is way too late….and there is you main problem….Dems are just as owned by corporations as the GOP….they have NO interest in bucking their donors and owners.

Dems are the biggest problems of our society…..

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


3 thoughts on “Who’s The ‘Socialist’ Now?

  1. China and the conflict of civilizations
    philebersolePhil Ebersole’s Blog

    A blogger named N.S. Lyons has a Substack blog called The Upheaval on which he discusses the civilizational conflict between the USA and China. It’s not just an economic rivalry or a geopolitical struggle. It is a conflict of philosophies.

    The USA is the heir to a liberal tradition, going back to Ancient Greece and Rome, that values freedom of the individual. China is an ancient and successful civilization founded on quite different values.

    All this is complicated by the USA’s embrace of what I call woke-ism and Lyons calls the New Faith.

    He has written two parts of a three-part series on China, to which I was waiting to link until he completed the third. But now he has put his blog behind a paywall, and the third part evidently will be for subscribers only. I don’t like to link to articles that are behind paywalls, so here are links to the first two.

    China Empire: What is China to us anyway? Part One

    The China Dream, Lyons wrote, is the dream of Empire. At different periods of its history, China was a superpower. Xi Jinping wants to make China great and powerful again. In this respect, he is no different from Chinese rulers of the past.

    The Chinese government commissioned a study of the rise of the great powers of the past few centuries—Great Britain, Imperial Germany and the USA—and concluded that their rise was due to (1) state-assisted economic development, fueled by foreign trade, and (2) a global infrastructure to protect it, including ocean-going British and U.S. navies.

    China’s global infrastructure is its Belt and Roads Initiative—roads, pipelines, ports, power lines and fiber optic cables integrating not only the interior of Eurasia, but also connecting China with the whole world, including Africa, the Western Hemisphere and the Arctic. China is building up its naval force as well.

    The history of European imperialism indicates that military power follows trade, in order to protect trade. Lyons says that China already regards Eastern Asia as its sphere of influence, much like the USA’s Monroe Doctrine for Latin America.

    The Inscrutable Ideology of the New China: Incoherence or totalitarian brilliance? Part Two.

    China is officially a Marxist-Leninist country. The ruling Communist Party enforces ideological conformity on all levels of society.

    At the same time China is a highly competitive capitalist country. Ambitious young Chinese endure what they call a “996” lifestyle—working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week. Wealth inequality is even greater in China than in the USA.

    But China is not a free-market country. State-owned enterprises own 40 percent of national assets and produce 40 percent of national output. Businesses are expected to serve national goals.

    In the West, N.S. Lyons noted, the fusion of an authoritarian government with corporate business is commonly called fascism. Another characteristic of fascism is intense blood-and-soil ethnic nationalism, which President Xi also is promoting. Meanwhile many young Chinese embrace an idea “lying flat,” which is doing the bare minimum required to get by.

    So what China may be heading for, Lyons wrote, is a new synthesis embracing “the consumptive power of globalized neo-liberal capitalism, the state-directed economic and military might of fascism, the social control of communism, the moralistic welfare-statism of progressivism and absolutely none of the messy liberalism of ye old republican democracy.”

    In other words, China is full is contradictions, just like the USA and the West as a whole.


    Both articles are well worth reading in full. If and when Lyons publishes his Part Three, I will summarize it and, if it is not behind his paywall, link to it.


    The bipolar Democracy vs Communist ideology does not make sense. This political rhetoric – fools only the uninformed Sheeeeple, who continually cry: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    A war between China and the US makes absolutely no sense for China alone. China would require a Russian and Japanese alliance to risk war with the US and the possibility of returning China back to its Century of Humiliation! The Great Powers in the 19th Century curved China up into ‘Spheres of Influence’. If China lost a total war with the US … If the US won that war … then the US would most probably would carve up China, like as did England and France dismember the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires following their victory in the First World War.

    The Chinese navy compares to the US navy at the beginning of the second World War – untried and untested. Not at all likely that the Chinese Navy could challenge, and even less, to defeat the US 6th Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean. Russia and Japan – not exactly alliance material. Russia would have to return the Islands which it took away from Japan at the close of the last European Civil War. China would have to cede Taiwan to Japan, effectively restoring the Japanese empire. Nothing short of this merits even idle speculation that Japan would risk nuclear annihilation. The US has bombed Japan twice already. The Chinese nuclear development, not at all comparable to that of the United States.

    Russia, China requires this people as an ally, only Russia possesses the Oil and Gas which both China and Japan require. The US has since before WWl, enjoyed a Triple Alliance with France and Britain. Germany now joins this Triple Alliance. China could offer nothing to entice Germany to fight another General European War against the Triple Alliance of Britain, France, and the US. Germany surrendered before the US developed the bomb, but the city of Dresden serves as permanent proof, that had Hitler held out, the US would have nuked Berlin. Only Russia possesses a nuclear arsenal that could keep the US nuclear option in check. Hitler did not use poison gas because he knew that the Allies equally possessed this terrible weapon.

    The long term interests of Russia, ties it to Europe rather than to China or Japan. Pearl Harbor, together with 9\11 testifies that a lone attack upon the US – only wakes the wrath of the American people. Americans love war, but only when they win. US Generals, post WWll, have failed to adequately appreciate this fundamental demand, by which the American People obligate the Generals of the Pentagon to comply. Post War Pax American Generals, from Korea/ \Vietnam to Afghanistan, they have failed to respect and obey this most basic demand wherein the American people hold Washington accountable.

    Time to bring the boys home, and purge the US military of its fluff and corrupt incompetent Officers. The back bone of the American Army – its Reserves combined with a small special forces professional Army, Navy, and Air Force. After the Afghanistan disastrous defeat, Americans demand that Washington purge the couch potatoes within the Pentagon.

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