Closing Thought–20Oct21

In little over a year the polls will open and we Americans will vote…..I have been waiting to see if the GOP has decided to have actual policies over wedge issues….the below is a flyer from my Congressman (who I would NEVER vote for because he is a mental midget political hack)……

Sorry I could not get the image to copy…..these are three areas that Palazzo wants to  champion….

Stand up for law enforcement—Really?

Restore Honest, Patriotic Education To Our Schools–that means continuing to teach the whole myth of the “Lost cause”…..

Protect Our Borders–from whom…Alabama, Louisiana or Tennessee?

If you would like to see why I could never vote for this tool then check out his stance on the issues……

These are going to be the major points of the next couple of elections.  Nothing about the economy or social strife or climate change or….well you get the point….the GOP has NOTHING to offer the voter other than vague wedge issues that do NOTHING to help this country heal and prosper.

What does the voter have as a choice?

The vague babbling of a party in a downward spiral or a party that has big ideas that go nowhere?

Some choice, huh?

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Destruction of Progressive Politics

I am an unashamed Leftist and have been since 1964.

I also admit that when I realized that drastic change was not in the cards I became an unapologetic Progressive…..and in those years I have watched progressive politics become corrupted….corrupted to the point that it has become today.

The ideological divide between the working class and ruling elite continues to widen as the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The pandemic threw the economy into recession and at least 20 million Americans into unemployment; in April 2020 the federal government reported a record 14.9% unemployment rate while others estimated a true rate of 32.4%. In America, over 10 million people are still unemployed and over 600,000 deaths have been sustained from the pandemic. How do we deal with this reality?

A panicked, shallow reckoning has arisen in Philadelphia and nationally in the form of “new progressivism,” an organized political force made up of young, university-educated people, which is ideologically misguided and antithetical to actual progressive change. The practice of “new progressivism”, which manifests through electoral politics, leftist activism, charity and identity politics, attempts to handle issues of poverty and racism without an understanding of the worldview of the people. Ignorant of the spirit and traditions of working people, new progressivism’s primary contradiction is the assumption that ordinary people are insignificant to and incapable of progressively remaking society.

The ideology of false progressivism preys on the confusion of young, mostly well-intentioned people who are unprepared to critically examine reality. False progressivism obscures the real issues of humanity, war, and poverty; buries the genuine threads for revolutionary change in our times; and ultimately aligns with the consensus of the ruling elite.

Philadelphia: The Gentrification of Progressive Politics

The young are the key and so far that key does not fit the lock for a better country.

Unless there is a change of attitude and thinking then there will be NO blue wave in 2022 or 2024.

As the rich continue to takeover what has been called the ‘progressive movement’ the more things will not change….no health improvement, no police reform, no social change, no….well you get the picture…..

As an example….single payer health care or Medicare For All (M4A)…..lots of talk and promises and now it is off the table……

“Nobody in Congress can be counted on to stand with what the people need as opposed to caving to the demands of party leadership,” warns veteran single-payer activist Amy Scheetz.

… their supporters inside the beltway have taken single payer off the table.

Instead of pursuing Medicare for All they are pursuing incremental improvements in Medicare—also known as Medicare for Some.

The only thing you can depend on from Dems is they will always do what their corporate owners wants them to do.

If you want change then for Christ sake find a true progressive….or continue to bitch and whine and things remain the same….the rich get richer and you go hungry.

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“lego ergo scribo”