Closing Thought–31Aug21

We all have seen the chaos at the Kabul airport with Afghans rushing and pushing to get the Hell out of the country to avoid any Taleban retaliation….so this report makes the situation even more bizarre…..

US gave Taliban lists of names. Some lawmakers and military officials have been outraged by reports that American officials gave the Taliban lists of names of Americans and Afghan allies so they could get past the group’s checkpoints, Politico reports. With the Taliban’s history of killing collaborators with foreign forces, one defense official describes the move as putting the Afghans on a “kill list.” National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne acknowledged that the US has “shared information with the Taliban that has successfully facilitated evacuations from Kabul.”


The US gave the names of people trying to avoid the Taleban….what part of that makes sense?

I question the wisdom of this move…..

And now the last soldier is out and has turned off the lights…..

Taliban guards at Kabul’s airport and officials at the Pentagon have confirmed that the last US planes have flown out. Celebratory gunfire erupted across the Afghan capital marking the symbolic end of 20 years of war, with the Taliban back in power, the AP reports. In Washington, the US confirmed the withdrawal of its last troops, which faced a self-imposed Tuesday deadline. In announcing the completion of the evacuation and war effort. Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, said the last planes took off from Kabul airport at 3:29pm Washington time, or one minute before midnight in Kabul. The evacuation effort, set to end Aug 31, was wrapped up a full day early, with military equipment loaded onto transport planes before the last US service members flew out, reports the New York Times.

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4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–31Aug21

  1. The US left a huge amount of equipment behind. Many Taliban soldiers entering the airport were wearing US uniforms and carrying US weapons too. If they couldn’t take all that stuff back to America, I feel they should have destroyed it. They had plenty of time to do that.
    Now the foreigners have left, what really happens under the rule of the Taliban remains to be seen. But I very much doubt any of it will be good.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The equipment was probably “demilitarized’…..make it unusable…thermites work well.

      This is a wait and see unfortunately chuq

  2. The worst thing we can do is repeat more Vietnam mistakes. We should NOT take our ball and go home. We have to engage with, and talk to, the Taliban since they are the defacto government in Afghanistan. Isolating ourselves from them just means trying to start the process 40 years from now awkwardly.

    This episode of Dr. Who sums things up. Focus in the dialogue starting at 1:25

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