Saturday News Dump

I have been spending time helping Sue with her post surgery recovery….she is healing very well some minor side effects but as a whole it is great….we will know more after her next visitor to her oncologist.

The weekend begins and IST would like to give you the news you probably did not get in your favorite news source…..

I watch the Summer Olympics for two things….Rugby 7s and handball….and in all this time I did not know the handball had a beach component….and there seems to be a bit of a row over the outfits competitors wear…..

After a high-profile rebellion by the women on Norway’s beach handball team, it appears that the rules about women’s uniforms will change. The players objected to wearing bikini bottoms during a European competition last month and donned shorts instead, thus earning the team a fine of about $1,800 for “improper clothing.” Now, amid criticism of the penalty from other teams, as well as the singer Pink, the New York Times reports that the sport’s governing body is about to budge. New rules on uniforms are “very likely” to be enacted, says Hassan Moustafa, president of the International Handball Federation. The Guardian notes that at least seven women’s sports associations around the world have called for the resignation of Moustafa, as well as the head of the sport’s European federation, over the controversy.

“This is a blatantly sexist custom that needs to be eliminated,” says Luisa Rizzitelli of Assist, an Italian group that advocates for female athletes. Critics have frequently pointed out that men who play the sport are allowed to wear shorts in international competition. The Times story calls attention to a situation in American Samoa, where girls ages 15 to 17 won a regional championship, then learned from the IHF they’d have to wear bikini bottoms to advance to the next level of play. “I first had to get permission from the parents,” their male coach tells the newspaper. The girls and their families reluctantly agreed to the rule, but the young players were later embarrassed when photos emerged of the competition. “It doesn’t seem right that the men can wear shorts and a jersey and the women must wear a bikini and sports bra,” says the coach.

What about beach volleyball?

I believe that I have posted on this before but cannot remember the post….anyway for all those Star Wars fans…the question has been asked….are light sabers possible?

A professor of physics weighs in….

If you are searching for your best friend and companion then it may be harder here in the US…..

Longing to give a pooch a forever home? You probably won’t have to wait forever to do so, but you may have to wait awhile—dogs are in short supply right now, and it looks like it might get worse before it gets better. Axios calls it “the great American dog shortage,” spurred by a demand for dogs that the supply chain can’t keep up with: The yearly demand for dogs is about 8 million, but the US imports only a tad more than 1 million of them annually. In June, the American Pet Products Association’s biennial pet owners survey noted that “pet ownership has increased from an estimated 67% of US households that own a pet to an estimated 70%,” with millennials claiming the largest cohort of pet owners. Plus, because more people are getting their dogs spayed and neutered than in the past, as well as keeping them for life, there aren’t as many dogs available in shelters for adoption.

Factors that will likely affect how many dogs are up for grabs in the future: breeders facing increasingly rigid regulations, as well as a US crackdown on illegal dog imports and dogs deemed to be “high risk” due to rabies. In June, the CDC issued a temporary ban on that latter group, suspending the import of dogs from more than 100 nations—including Egypt, China, Russia, and India—said to be at that high-risk level, or even dogs that have simply traveled to those countries over the previous six months. The Healthy Dog Importation Act, a bipartisan bill currently working its way through the legislative pipeline, would mandate every dog brought into the US be up to date on all of its vaccinations and have proof of it from a properly credentialed veterinarian. “Pets aren’t a fad, so we’re still in the beginning phase—and that will stun some people—of this surge of continuing demand for pets,” Mark Cushing of the Animal Policy Group tells Axios.

On the health front…..

A young boy in California has died after becoming infected with a brain-eating amoeba while swimming last month. David Pruitt, 7, contracted primary amoebic meningoencephalitis—PAM—from a lake in Tehama County in Northern California, the Los Angeles Times reports. The specific lake hasn’t been named. The illness is caused by the Naegleria fowleri parasite and is extremely rare. It usually crops up in warmer climates and has only sickened 10 people in California since 1971. How the infection can occur: A freshwater lake will have a population of the amoeba, and a swimmer will ingest some contaminated water through the nose; sometimes, that contamination makes it to the brain.

The parasite is rare, hard to find, and difficult to detect. The infection starts out as a headache and fever and can worsen to stiffness, seizures, and hallucinations, per the CDC. David developed serious symptoms on July 30, then swelling in his brain. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center and died on Aug. 7. On a GoFundMe fundraiser started to cover David’s care and funeral expenses, the family asked that everyone learn about the signs and symptoms of PAM.

I have heard of ‘brain worms’ but this is just scary.

Finally this is for canine friends…..more recalls of dog food that is killing dogs…..

Midwestern Pet Food has been recalling products since last year due to aflatoxin poisoning and salmonella poisoning, and the problem does not appear to be going anywhere. In a warning letter sent to the company, the FDA says more than 130 dogs may have died and another 220 or more been sickened by the company’s products, NPR reports. The FDA inspected manufacturing plants after Midwestern’s earlier recalls, and those inspections “revealed evidence of significant violations” of food safety regulations, and also found high levels of aflatoxin, a toxic mold that is poisonous and can cause illness or death in animals. It was found in SPORTMiX and other brands produced by the company, CBS 2 reports.

As for salmonella, “Midwestern’s food safety program appears inadequate to significantly minimize or prevent salmonella in its pet food,” the FDA says, per NBC News. Salmonella was found in SPORTMiX and Earthborn varieties. The violations “were shared across multiple plants and were associated with the illness or death of hundreds of pets who had eaten the company’s dry dog food,” an FDA director says in a statement. The company has 15 days to come up with a plan to fix the problems before it faces legal action.

Please check to make sure your dog food is not harming your canine family member….you can check it out at….they try to keep updated on the recalls of dog products….or the FDA….

That is the news you cannot possibly use…..see you next Saturday……

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6 thoughts on “Saturday News Dump

  1. Glad to hear Sue is healing well. Please gived her my best regards.
    Luckily, that rogue dog food is not sold here. I only feed Ollie fresh-cooked chicken and meat anyway.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thanx for the words of encouragement…..MoMo gets thighs she was having problems with her kidneys so I a special diet for her….she is better now but I need to keep her on this diet….chuq

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