The False Narrative

Afghanistan the jewel of the US War in Terrorism has fallen on its face with a horrendous splat.

The media is taking the chaos to heart and reporting every hint of bad behavior by the Taleban.

I will agree that it is a disaster but one of our own making….

The major story should be the money spent in Afghanistan, the billions upon billions and the country could not last 10 days.  That was cash that could have been used to feed our hungry, clothe our poor….give shelter where needed….but instead we spent it on luxury apartments for corrupt officials, soldiers that did not exist, etc

Explain why the Pentagon gets every dime they want and the best it bought was an army that cut and run and a president that scrammed with $169 million in cash in bags.

Explain why the Congress was so willing to throw money at a hopeless cause.

Explain why the generals and planners got it so damn wrong.

Now the Congress wants answers…..

Democratic lawmakers have largely avoided directly criticizing President Biden’s administration over events in Afghanistan—but they still have a lot of questions about how the Taliban were able to seize control with stunning speed, leading to a chaotic evacuation from Kabul’s airport. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner says the committee will hold hearings on why the US wasn’t more prepared for a “worst-case scenario,” CBS reports. Sen. Bob Menendez, chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, says the committee will investigate both the Trump administration’s negotiations with the Taliban and the Biden administration’s withdrawal plan. “We are now witnessing the horrifying result of many years of policy and intelligence failures,” the Democrat said Tuesday, per Reuters.

House lawmakers also plan investigations. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meek says he has asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to testify as soon as possible about the administration’s Afghan policy. He says Congress needs to know more about plans to evacuate Americans, vulnerable Afghans, “and to understand our broader counterterrorism strategy in South Asia following the collapse of the Ghani government.” In an interview with KPIX Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised Biden for his “decisive” action but acknowledged that the situation is in “disarray.” She told the station that the “highest level” administration officials would be at a hearing early next week. “That is Congress’ role, the role of oversight,” she said

Really?  After decades of inspector general reports that were never glowing and these tools want to waste time and resources to find the ‘answers’….

What good are answers without solutions?

Yes the chaos in Afghanistan is troubling but how different is it from any of our other recent wars…..and yet our leaders have no answers or solution to keep this from happening over and over.

Maybe the first place to look is the unbridled funds that are thrown at the Pentagon with no oversight or adequate solutions.

One last thing….stop thing the word ‘democracy’ around like it is the answer to all problems…..we have proven that it is not the answer for all occasions…..and stop the influence of an industry that sole purpose is profit not democracy.

This chaos would not need the endless reporting if we would stop all the adventurism that creates the problems.

You want answers then look no further than the Pentagon…the agent of the M-IC.

Not to worry there will be a wealth of lame ass excuses with NO viable answers….the Pentagon is going into CYA mode for the chaos that they gave birth to in the past.

The truth is that they, the Pentagon, pissed away cash with NO oversight…..and that is the fault of the White House and the Congress….and that is where the blame should fall squarely on their shoulders….but it will not.

Time for a serious re-think of our foreign policy and a serious cut in their ability to create these scenarios year after year.

What better way to change the dialogue than tying this monumental screw up to the Covid virus….

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19 thoughts on “The False Narrative

  1. I was trying to find out how much the Afghan ex-president ran away to the UAE with. Thanks for letting me know it was $169 million. Now I think the US should take it back, then lock him up in Guantanamo Bay. Or take him out with a drone strike if he refuses to hand it over, the thieving bastard.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. This is totally insane. Most of the US is pro-peace yet the media attacks anyone when they do the true Will of the People. Fuck this shit. GO BIDEN GO!

    1. I do not agree that ‘most’ are pro-peace I agree that the corporate media works hard push to a story line that is far from accurate…..Biden did the right hing but his generals were caught flat footed. chuq

  3. “The major story should be the money spent in Afghanistan, the billions upon billions and the country could not last 10 days.” Exponentially wrong. Try trillions of dollars.

    1. That should be the rule for ALL nations….killing civilians is only ‘acceptable’ when the nation has a benefactor like the US… is always wrong. chuq

      1. Biden universally condemned for the collapse of Afghanistan – a country the US invaded without a declaration of War, similar to Iraq and Libya. All have ended in disaster. But Afghanistan particularly bitter, international respect for America as the “Great Power” – compares to the Titanic vs. the Iceberg.

        Afghanistan shares long borders with Pakistan and Iran – both countries hostile to US strategic interests. At least Iraq shared a common border with Saudi Arabia, a strong US ally, despite the 9/11 attack. Libya shares a common border with Egypt. Afghanistan, based upon its exclusion from India, represented a disaster in the making from the start. For the US to successfully hold Afghanistan it would have required a full scale invasion of Pakistan. The only way for the US to do such a bold policy, to promise to reunite Pakistan with India! Pakistan possesses nuclear bombs!

      2. Gee ya sound like the advisors to favor a US imperialist foreign policy which at a drop of a hat decides to invade foreign countries. Hmmmmmm same old same old.

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