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Closing Thought–26Jul21

Let me see….a 30 something that lives with his Mama….has to have a special diet….dresses in shaman’s headdress…paints his bod…..howls…..and thinks he is related to Jesus…..would you think this dude is mentally ill?

The lawyer for the QAnon Shaman has confirmed that his client is off his nutter…..

One of the most recognizable members of the mob that stormed the Capitol has been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses that include transient schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, his lawyer tells Reuters. Psychologists with the Federal Bureau of Prisons made the findings after testing Jacob Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaman, says attorney Albert Watkins. A shirtless Chansley was widely photographed in the Capitol building wearing a headdress with fur and horns. He faces six charges stemming from the riot, per Insider, but Watkins is now working on a plea deal in the wake of the mental health diagnoses. The test results mesh with what the US Navy found in regard to Chansley back when he served in 2006, Watkins adds.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken a guy who is unarmed, harmless, peaceful … with a pre-existing mental vulnerability of significance, and we’ve rendered him a chocolate soup mess,” says Watkins. He says his client’s problems have been made worse because of solitary confinement. Prosecutors have generally pushed back against the notion that Chansley is harmless. They say video evidence shows Chansley inside the Senate chamber, where he called then VP Mike Pence a “f—ing traitor” and left behind a threatening note. Watkins, though, says his client is delusional and has expressed the belief that he is directly related to Jesus and Buddha.


Now put this d/bag in a rubber room for 20 years…..he deserves nothing for his part in the insurrection…..


I Read, I Write, You Know

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15 thoughts on “Ya Think?

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Of course .. the old ‘insanity’ defense. Why not? … even Shaman rhymes with sham!! … AGREE!! — “Now put this d/bag in a rubber room for 20 years … he deserves nothing for his part in the insurrection … ”

  2. Hey, chuq… I am just sitting here contemplating the idiocy of half the nation choosing possible death rather than take the vaccine.. and all the other national idiocies at play… and I was watching a clip of Trump’s last rally. The entire stadium is without a mask… screaming about locking Fauci up… the newsperson narrating and talking about how spot questioning of the crowd indicated truly stanch people in attendance against any thought of masks or vaccines. The clip shows Trump giving his usual lies.. but adding that the vaccine, created on his watch of course, is good if you want to take it.. but then he adds he’s not telling anyone to give up their freedom. People cheer.
    Then it dawned on me.. and when I thought of this I wanted to run this observation past you…. do you see or perceive anything to suggest that maybe Trumpism is running out of Trump’s control? In other words… he may still hold some control over the GOP in D.C. cause he’s the money source but that’s entirely different than the momentum displayed by his own base.. Just curious.

      1. Consider this… does Trump need his base more than his base needs him? After all, he’s the true mental case.. the one who lost and the one who is all messed in the head over his loss. He says openly that the election was rigged but is that to keep his base loyal to him because he needs that loyalty to feed his ego? I’m not so sure. Or, does he believe he did lose the election in which case his base failed him? On the other hand.. his base needs him for them to have a voice. Who is propping up who?
        For a brief moment I saw it when he hesitated in taking credit for the vaccine.. then deferring to the crowd in suggesting the taking of the vaccine was entirely up to them “to preserve their freedom”. He’s conflicted because he wants to take credit for essentially saving lives around the world.. yet at the same time trying to cater to the base. Interesting. There’s something fragile in all this.

    1. McCarthy has his MAGA knee pads…..so he is cowering like the slug he is…Trump is in control that is why his stands change trying to keep the base in his pocket. chuq

  3. Just changed icon and a different blog and setting the follow here again. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

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